Friday, 16 April 2010

Frantic Friday

Yes I'm frantically checking the news and Turkish Airlines website to see if there is any change in the UK airport situation.  To be honest I'm not holding out much hope of being able to set off on Sunday.

My friends who visited on Tuesday, and were due to fly home this morning with Turkish Airlines did of course have their flight cancelled.  They thought that as soon as the UK airports re-open they would be put on the next available flight from Istanbul, but that's not the case.  They will be put on standby and will wait indefinitely, having to continually ring a helpline to find out when they can set off to the airport.  I guess I will have to do the same if my flight is cancelled on Sunday.

Mr Ayak's partner, Mehmet, has been delayed another 24 hours.  Not that it makes too much difference as far as the business is concerned, because the hotel customers haven't arrived, due to being stranded in the UK.  Mr Ayak saw little point in going back to the hotel this morning, and decided to wait until tomorrow to collect Mehmet and travel with him.   However a phone call from Mehmet this morning informed Mr A that Mehmet had arranged for his  brother to send  the personnel uniforms by cargo direct to Bodrum, and they needed to be collected and paid for this afternoon.  This was something that Mehmet should have been paying for, amongst other things, but of course he's not here yet.

So another frantic trip on the motorbike to Milas to get more money, and Mr Ayak set off to Bodrum, and is staying there, having told Mehmet to make his own way there tomorrow....hopefully he will arrive with some money to reimburse Mr A...who will then pass it on to me as I need money for my trip.  Hmm...that's if the trip actually happens!

So's been a frantic day...every time I check the latest news on the airports, I have to phone Mr A to let him know, because he is sitting and waiting to hear if any customers will actually arrive in the near future.

One really lovely thing happened today though.  I checked my postbox whilst I was in Milas to find a huge parcel full of Cadbury's chocolate from a dear friend in England.   What perfect timing!   I was in desperate need of Cadbury's chocolate...better than Prozac any day!


  1. If ever a parcel of chocolate was needed....
    I hope this all settles and that flights resume in the near future, but the last time I looked, it seemed as if the U.K. was closed to air traffic for Saturday as well.

    The worst is not knowing...

  2. You must be so disappointed, Ayak - you couldn't make it up really. Perhaps you could get it all down for a sit-com script. One of those bitter-sweet programmes that always have a happy ending, despite the troubles that have gone on.

    Wishing you a happy ending in every way. Enjoy the chocolate.

  3. Fly...the worse thing is not knowing..but what else can the airports do? The wind could change and then things could be different.

    FF: The chocolate is some compensation but I am very disappointed. It looks extremely unlikely now that I'll get away tomorrow. I'm quite resigned to it now...que sera sera

  4. I am so sorry. You were the first person I thought of when I heard they were canceling flights. Really hope you get lucky, but it sounds like the standby route is going to be your only option. Of course the good news is that you can hopefully change your return date to suit your departure if it is canceled. (she says with her fingers crossed?)

    Thank God for Cadbury eggs.

  5. I suppose you are evn lucky to have received the parcel, because surely mail will be affected by all this too. It must have arrived in the country before the CLOUD set in! It certainly looks like your trip is being delayed, but at there is no particular urgency that you need to be in the UK for a specific date, is there?

  6. Jes: I can't change my return date on 2nd May as it is a non-changeable/non-transferable ticket so if I have to cancel it I will just lose the money.

    Heiko: Yes the chocolate must have only just managed to get through on the last flight!
    It's Billy's 1st birthday next Friday which was the main reason for the trip. I'll be very sad to miss it...but I guess it's not as important a reason as others.

  7. Oh what a shame you can't alter the date - I didn't realise. I know of someone who can't fly to the UK for their dad's funeral. It's incredible that everything has just ground to a halt like this.

  8. FF: My friends who should have left yesterday have now been told that IF the airports are opened they will be on standby for Monday but there are no guarantees they'll get I can't see it being worth my making the trip. Turkish Airlines have already started listing cancellations for tomorrow, the flight to Heathrow before mind has been cancelled, so I guess mine will be next. I'll get a refund for that one but not for the 2nd May if I cancel it.

  9. That is really too bad Mrs. Ayak, I know how much you wanted to make the trip. I do hope you get another chance soon.

    We have our fingers crossed for Mr. Ayak's business to pick up after all this strange weather is over...hang in there.


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