Friday, 23 April 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Billy

Dear Billy,

Here you are ...just a couple of hours old.  I can't believe just how fast this year has gone.

It seems like only yesterday that I was in England with your Mum for 6 weeks.  Two weeks leading up to your  birth, when we went for many long walks, and she bounced up and down on her exercise ball...just to help things along.  And then four wonderful weeks with you before I reluctantly returned home.

I've only been to see you once since then, in October when you were six months old, and I marvelled at the progress you had made.

Thanks to the wonderful invention of the webcam, I can at least see you often and watch you grow and change.  Although it breaks my heart that I can't just reach out and give you a cuddle. But it does give me so much pleasure to see your lovely smile, and I really appreciate your Mum finding time to do this when she is incredibly busy.   You had your  first haircut on Wednesday and Mummy came straight home, switched on the webcam, and showed me.  Just a little thing...but being able to see these little milestones means so much to me.

It had been my intention to be there to celebrate your special day, but unfortunately volcanic ash and the disruption it caused, put pay to that. 

I did order your birthday present...a wooden train set...several weeks ago, and it was delivered to Uncle Martin's house.  He has kindly wrapped it for me, bought a card and dropped  it off  in time for you to open this morning....and your Mummy will be switching on the webcam so that I can watch you doing this. a beautiful, happy little boy, who has brought so much joy in to my life...and sadness too that I can't be with you as often as I'd like....Happy Birthday darling Billy. I miss you and your Mummy so much and I hope it won't be too long before I see you again.

With lots of love from Nanny Linda xxxxx


  1. Oh Linda, this brought tears to my eyes. The love poured out of it and when he is older and will read it back for himself, he will realise how loved by his granny he is.

    Enjoy your webcam moments today.


  2. Yes, this post is testament to the fact that the more I speak French the less I am able to speak English

  3. So sorry you can't be there. I'm sure it's no comfort to you today that he doesn't know it's his birthday or what all the fuss is about. You WILL get there soon for a cuddle xx

  4. He's a lucky little boy to be surrounded by so much love.
    I can only guess at how disappointed you are not to be with him on his birthday - but make sure you keep that letter for him!

  5. I'm almost crying now! It's a lovely post and, yes, you must keep it for him. Has your daughter got a scrapbook of his childhood or anything that the letter could go in to keep it safe? Enjoy the webcam today, it's not perfect but it's better than nothing. x

  6. Happy Birthday Billy...

    Hopefully you will get over to England soon, now the planes are getting back to normal.

  7. Thankyou everyone for your lovely comments...and yes I was actually crying when I wrote it (at around 4'0'clock this morning!)

    I'm hoping for some pics of the birthday boy soon so I'll post them up when I get them.

  8. Awww, I now have a huge lump in my throat!! What a beautiful, heartfelt post!

    Like Rosie said, in an ideal world it would great to be there for both but he won't really know what's going on today...he will on his 2nd birthday...much better for you to be there for that!!

    C x

    Ps. Thanks for visiting my blog because it means that I've found yours....I will definitely be back :-)

  9. Thanks Carol and a warm welcome to my blog...and thankyou for the lovely welcome over at yours...I look forward to regular visits xxx

  10. It made tears come to my eyes too ... it wont be long til u can see him again ... he look such a beautiful boy and I know he knows thats Nanny Linda loves him so much xx

  11. Bomb...lovely words...thankyou xx

  12. Ayak, this was so beautiful, and from the heart, it brought tears to my eyes.

  13. Oh what a gorgeous heartfelt letter. Thank goodness for webcams. You cant cuddle him but you can see him grow and speak with him. And best of all he gets to see you too. Oh I cannot wait to be a grandmother. Such a special relationship - grandparents and grandchildren. Lovely post. And I love Billy's name too! Gorgeous young man that he is.

  14. Lilly: Thankyou. Billy is my first and only grandchild and I am amazed at the feelings I have for is indeed very special.


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