Thursday, 29 April 2010

A little day trip

I set off at 7.45am today to visit MrAyak's new business.  Going was a piece of cake. I caught the dolmuş to the main road...and waited just a few minutes for the bus to Bodrum.  Mr A was waiting for me and we set off to the hotel.  Coming back was more difficult....I missed the bus in Bodrum by 2 minutes and waited half an hour. When I got to the road to the village to wait for the dolmuş I'd clearly just missed one and waited more than an hour, so was glad to finally get home.

The hotel is lovely and Mr A's hamam, sauna and massage rooms are very nice indeed.  They had a lot of cleaning to do but he and Mehmet have worked really hard to get it all spotless and ready to go. There are still things to buy, but until they start earning money they can't invest in anything else.  The last two weeks has seen no customers at all, due to the package deals being cancelled along with the flights.  Customers will start arriving from Sunday onwards, but the hotel will only be 30% full for May.  June through to September is fully booked, so it looks promising.  Mr Ayak has been talking to managers of adjacent hotels who do not have their own turkish bath facilities and they have agreed to send customers...for a commission fee of course.  Anyone living in Turkey will know that almost every business in the tourist industry works on a commission basis.  We may not always like the system, but that's how it's not likely to change.

I'm posting up a few pics here of the hotel and Hamam.  Mr A took them and some are not as clear as I'd like them, but they may give you some idea of what it's like.

                                             Hotel and Grounds

Apologies for the way I've posted the following pics...I can't seem to get it right but the pics in order are:
Outside the entrance to Mr Ayak's Turkish Bath and Sauna (me posing as a customer)
One of the Massage Rooms
Reception Area   (me posing again with Mehmet)

(There are various other rooms, but the photos didn't come out) 



  1. It all looks super, Ayak!
    Good news about the bookings, too.

    You sound so much better...I'm so relieved to see you positive's been a hard time recently.

  2. It's all looking good for Mr A, and therefore for you too. Hopefully the hotels will be able to put a lot of business his way, and in that respect the commission system does help.

  3. Splendid news! Glad to hear things are a bit brighter for you. Fingers crossed and wishing you the best.

    By the way, Windows Live Writer is a free program that helps tremendously with blog posting. Some of the plugins can give you some nice variety as well.

    Having said that, I had a devil of a time with those Roman portraits!

  4. Fly: Thanks. I do feel more positive but I'm also realistic and know that they have an awful lot to pay out so I'm not expecting him to make his fortune just yet!

    Jan: The commission system does work. It's just that some people can be a little greedy which means the customer has to pay more for a service...and that's not so good for business.

    Nomad..Thanks for your good wishes. As far as posting up pics is concerned..I'm still in the early stages with all this so hopefully I'll improve. I'll have a look at your link though.

  5. It looks really great and I am so pleased that most of the summer months are going to be fully booked. Things looking up :-)
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  6. Hi! Came across your great blog via French Fancy (we're both followers!)and just wanted to say I spent my 18th birthday (more years ago than I'd like to remember) at Kusadasi on a gap-year overland trip. It was quite a small fishing port then but presumably a lot larger now! I still have such lovely memories of the gorgeous food and people!

    Am sure your hotel will do extremely well especially since euro problems (especially here in Spain) have decimated the number of visitors from non-euro countries like the UK!

    Wishing you and your husband all the best for the summer - and this weekend too,


  7. Oh what a great post - except for the bit about your return journey. Bet you were very weary when you finally got back to that cuppa.

    The Haman looks lovely - cool, elegant and somewhere that I am sure will become really popular. As for the commission thing - I suppose it goes with the tourist industry everywhere. I'm thinking of the restaurants that pay the coach drivers a tip to get the tourists their way.

    I sense good times ahead, Ayak and you both thoroughly deserve them

  8. Maggie: Yes it's very promising

    auntiegwen: Yes I think it is.

    Norah Johnson: A warm welcome to my blog. Yes Kusadasi has changed a great deal but I'm happy to say that the food and people haven't!
    Thankyou for your good wishes xx

    FF: It was actually better than I expected it to be (ever the pessimist). The commission system is a way of life here, but I guess it works well until people demand too much.
    Thanks very much for your kind wishes. xx

  9. The photos are good.
    It looks like a really lovely, modern hotel. Glad to hear they are booked up for most of the summer, things are looking up.

  10. Thanks Monalisa...fingers crossed as always!


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