Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Manic Monday

Mr Ayak was due to set off to the hotel yesterday with his business partner, Mehmet, to get everything ready for opening.

Nothing's ever straightforward here. 

Mehmet should have phoned Mr Ayak the night before to let him know that he was on the bus and on his way.  The plan was for Mr A to collect Mehmet in Milas, and they would travel to the hotel together.  We later found out that he had attempted to phone several times, but unfortunately we'd had no network signal here for about 24 hours...hence no communication.  Yesterday when we finally had a signal, Mehmet's phone was switched off so we assumed that he was on the bus.

I decided to get breakfast but realised we not only had no bread...and not much else...but my purse and Mr A's pocket were both empty.  I found a packet of dried yeast in the cupboard and set about making some bread.  This isn't something I've done often but the end result wasn't too bad.  We used up the last of the contents of the fridge for breakfast.  

Mehmet owed Mr A some money for items which we bought for the hamam a month ago, so it was agreed that when he arrived, he would fill up the motorbike with petrol and the balance owed would be dropped off to me on their way, so that I could get some food.

Eventually Mehmet switched on his phone when the bus made a stop, to let Mr A know that he would be arriving in Milas at around 3pm.  Mr A, with only enough petrol to get to Milas, decided to set off early and wait.

At around 4pm Mr A phoned me to say that Mehmet had phoned him to say that the  bus had been stopped just outside Fethiye and that he had been detained by the jandarma!

Mehmet comes from Diyarbakir in the south-east of Turkey.  This is a predominantly Kurdish area and the city is sometimes described as the "unofficial capital" of Turkish Kurdistan.  Anyone living in Turkey will be aware of the constant checks by the jandarma on buses coming from  this area, and yesterday one such check was made and a PKK terrorist discovered and removed from the bus.  Unfortunately all other passengers on the bus (including Mehmet) whose journey started in Diyarbakir were removed and detained until checks could be carried out.

(If you want to read more about the area, have a look at Wikipedia here.)

So we had no idea if these checks would take hours or I said nothing in Turkey is straightforward.  But Mr Ayak had to be at the hotel yesterday.   As he didn't have sufficient petrol to go anywhere, I had to borrow the 3 lira fare from my neighbour, catch the next bus into Milas and squeeze enough money off my credit card to fill up the tank and to get some food.

Eventually Mr A set off, and I returned home.   I could be forgiven for thinking that this is a sign that things aren't going to go well.  Well it wasn't a good start was it?  However, I am so used to nothing in this country going according to plan...that I would probably have been surprised if it had all worked out the way it should have.

But today's another day.  Mr A is where he should be.  Mehmet will presumably arrive some time soon.  And I have a couple of friends from Selçuk coming over for the day to visit me which will make a change.

And....only 5 more sleeps till I see Stella and Billy!


  1. Doesn't it show how good store cupboard stuff is though - I have yeast and flour here and sometimes (admittedly before I began WW) when I couldn't be bothered to go to the shops I would knock up a loaf. I think it beats the shop stuff very easily.

    As for all these hiccups, at least the first part of the plan is now under way and, hopefully, by the time you return from your great UK trip, things will have successfully progressed to the next stage.


  2. Yes it's true FF..there's always something to be found in the cupboard. The packet yeast is very useful..I usually use it to make scotch pancakes for breakfast but the bread was fine...although I didn't give it long enough to rise before baking as we were too hungry to wait!

  3. What a day or two you've had! I hope it will run a bit more smoothly from now on and enjoy your friends.

  4. I have my fingers crossed if that's any good...

  5. You are the only person on the whole internet that has a tighter budget than me... God love ya.

  6. Thank goodness you are resourceful!
    Pity you have to be!

  7. Jan: Thanks I hope so too!

    Monalisa: Oh yes keep them crossed please..every little gesture helps!

    @eloh: And it's not a lot of fun is it?

    Fly: Resourceful is my middle name Fly!


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