Friday, 9 April 2010

Me and photography

Me and photography....we just don't hit it off.  I have had so many cameras over the years.  Never really knew how to use them properly, and most of them ended up broken or with a half-used film jammed inside.

Before I got into social work, many years ago, I actually worked as Studio Manager for an industrial photographer.  I hired and fired staff, wined and dined clients, but made sure I never went near a camera if I could possibly help it.  My boss tried his best to teach me how to use a camera, but gave up in the end.

In recent years, I haven't bothered with "proper" cameras.  When there has been an event to record, I've just bought the one-use disposable cameras, used them and had the prints developed.  More recently I discovered that not only can you have the prints, but most photo shops will do a cd of your prints as well for a small charge.  So I've been able to pop the cds into my laptop to view them.  Of course I should have been able to save the pics from the cd on my laptop, but I've never managed to work out how to do it.

Last year on a visit to England, my brother gave me his old digital camera, as he had bought a new one.  It came complete with the cd to upload on to my laptop, the usb lead etc, instructions, spare batteries.  How could I possibly go wrong?  Well I've had it for almost a year now.  I get it out from time to time, play around with it, take a few pics, try to upload them on to my laptop...and fail.

Oh and by the way did I mention that I am also a lousy photographer?  Over the years I've taken thousands of photos of skies, rooftops, grass and gravel...but actually missed out the people who were the intended subject matter...or managed to just get them in the picture...minus their heads or legs.

The camera came out again this week....and after much fiddling about I took a couple of pics in the garden.  This morning I got out my laptop and the camera...joined them together...and had yet another attempt at uploading some of the pics to my laptop.   And much to my surprise it actually worked!  The problem is that I can't actually remember how I did it, so at this point in time I'm not sure I'll be able to do it again.

So this post is a practise run.  Here are a couple of pics I took of part of the old house in the garden, which Mr Ayak converted originally for Milly and Monty.  During the past week, we've cleaned it out, opened up the front and put some chicken wire around a small area for use as a toilet..  This is for Poppy to use while I'm in England this month for two weeks.  It's difficult to get the idea of the size from this photo, but the things on the raised area are Poppy's bed and basket of it's pretty spacious.  Beki will have the run of the entire garden  but we refer to Poppy as Little Miss Houdini as she will always find a way out so she needs to be confined.  As Mr Ayak will be working all day, Poppy will need to stay in her house.  She's spent a fair amount of time in it already this week and loves it.  There's also a pic here of Beki relaxing on some earth which Mr A had been digging over to plant vegetables

Well that appeared to have worked!   So full of renewed enthusiasm, I will set about taking more photos and attempting to upload them so that I can share them with this space!

Edited to add:  OK you can stop watching this space now, because I rushed outside to take more photos and the camera is now not working.  I switch it on and after a couple of seconds it switches itself off.  It had new batteries, and I have replaced them again, but still no luck.

Ah was good while it lasted!


  1. The age of the digital camera-with instant results- changes the way I think about photography. Before it was a lot of guesswork and later a gamble between disappointment or awe and enchantment when you looked at the finished product. Now if you don't like a pic, you can delete it and start over.
    I bought a very cheap digital camera a couple of years ago and I was amazed at the quality that came out of that humble little device. I have a friend who thinks all things expensive mean better and totes this massive camera around everywhere she goes. But in the end, her pics are not any better than mine because it is about "seeing" the pic before you take it.
    I mean, it's about learning where to put the frame around reality, isn't it? (Thats the reason why you see actors playing photographers making frames with their fingers.)With so much beauty and so much ugliness in the world and all of it mixed together, that's the greatest challenge.

    My only problem now is trying to stop putting my eye right next to the LCD screen- like a moron.

  2. Well Nomad...I was so enthusiastic this morning and now I'm disappointed again...I've just added an edit to the bottom of my post which explains.

  3. You are a smart cookie. You'll work it out. My camera did the same thing RIGHT after I bought it. I was too impatient to go through the return process and whenever I wanted to go back to the store to get a new one, it would start to work again. I think the batteries aren't making proper contact in my camera. At the moment, it is working fine. Finicky thing.
    Keep fiddling with it and don't resign yourself to it too soon. I am sending you a powerful blast of positive energy. (You might want to sit down.) I am looking forward to Your pictures. I am sure they will be great.

  4. Nomad I wish I had as much confidence in my ability as you seem to have! I'll keep trying it from time to time...but please do send a powerful blast of positive energy...I really need it for all sorts of things right now...thanks xxx

  5. You just HAVE to work this problem out... your "stuff" is just too interesting... I must see MORE of Turkey....dogs, old house in garden, working projects on house you live in etc etc etc.

    Can you take all your stuff.. camera, cables and laptop to England with you? They will be able to help you figure it all out.

    Poppy's potty... I can't see how you have the fence wire meeting the ground... but to stop escape by digging... you turn the wire at a 90 degree angle toward the enclosure and bury it. That way when the dog trys to dig out under the wire it runs into wire and stops.

  6. Check your new batteries and make sure they are fresh. Sometimes you can get batteries that have little charge left in them. I use rechargeables as I use my camera often and always carry one with me.
    I would love to see pics of your home, the area you live in, the town, buildings, etc! I'm a camera bug...have always had one and have tons of albums.

  7. Rechargeable batteries would be the best bet as ordinary batteries are so expensive if you use the camera a lot. Good luck with getting it to work again!

  8. Well done on getting the photos uploaded. These older digital cameras are much more complicated than the micro newer ones. Plus I always found with my older digi one that the batteries never lasted very long. Perhaps when the new venture takes off that can be the first thing on your luxury shopping list

    I bet the dogs are going to miss you so much. Won't Pop be really jealous of Beki's freedom in the garden? Will Mr A be able to get back okay each evening?

    Keep the photos coming - it is lovely to see more of your part of the world

  9. Oh no, I was so excited to see a few pictures of your place. I hope you are able to get the camera working again.:)

  10. Thanks everyone for your comments. As you will see from my latest post I've managed to sort the now I'm up and running! @eloh: I remember your advice about the chicken wire and that's exactly what we've done...although it's not easy to see in the pic....yes it works!

    FF: Beki always misses me and goes absolutely berserk when I return. Mr A now informs me that it's possible he will be able to take them to work with him as he will be organising personnel accommodation. If this isn't sorted out in time, he will be back every evening. Also we have a neighbour, a lovely deaf and dumb guy who often helps Mr A in the garden and has become used to the dogs, so he will be popping in and out to make sure they are OK:


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