Friday, 2 April 2010

Perfect Day for a Walk

We were up early this morning and had breakfast on the terrace.  The sun was shining and there was a cool breeze, so we decided to finish breakfast and take the dogs for a long walk.

We feel so guilty because we hardly ever take them out.  Oh they have lots of space to run around in the garden but it's not quite the same.  I can't manage Beki and Poppy on my own because the lanes are too steep and Beki is just too strong for me when she's on the lead.  If I let her off she runs away and takes no notice of me.  She obeys Mr A because I think she responds better to a male voice.We never seem to hit on a time that's convenient for Mr Ayak and I to walk the dogs together, but this morning worked out fine.

I really need to get my camera working because I miss so many good shots.  The pic above was taken  some time ago by someone else, but I posted it here because it sort of covers the area we walked this morning.  It was mostly fields...with tiny tracks, or no tracks at all.  There was one slightly wider lane...Mr A was walking ahead and I was wading through a field of chickpeas.   He turned around and said "I've found a small road and it's not too "crumpy".   Crumpy?   Well at a guess I think it was a mixture of words like...bumpy, crumbly. etc...but in any case it made me smile.  Just another word to add to Mr Ayak's  unique vocabulary along with, amongst others, "rounding" , "collybobbles", "dumbles"  and "feet fingers". *

The dogs had a wonderful time...we stopped and chatted to villagers working in the fields, and before we knew it we were back in the village, having walked for more than two hours.

Some of you may remember my mentioning that in December 2008 I gave up smoking.  The main reason was the fact that my first grandchild, Billy, was due in April 2009, and I didn't want his first memory of this particular grandmother to be the smell of an old ashtray.   I stayed off the weeds for 7 months, and could kick myself for starting again.  I'm giving up had my last cigarette at 7 am this morning.  This time I'm doing it for me.  I want to feel healthier.  I want to live longer...and I simply cannot afford to waste money on cigarettes when I'm actually scraping around to find money for food and other essentials.

My willpower is pretty good.  If I make up my mind to do something, I will.  I don't need nicotine substitutes, or therapy or self-help books.  I simply have to wake up one morning and know that it's the right day to do it.   It's been on my mind for months, but it was never the right day.   Today was the right day.  Don't ask me how I's just an instinctive feeling.

Mr Ayak also wants to quit but it's so much harder for him.  I have given him my remaining cigarettes and he has agreed, out of respect for me, to stop smoking in the house.  He is going to attempt to cut down and eventually give up...but I have a feeling that he may well be the one who needs much more help with this.

So part of the decision to go for a long walk this morning was for me to do something entirely different to my usual routine.  Having eaten breakfast I would normally switch on the laptop and sit down with a coffee and my cigarettes.   Instead we just took ourselves off into the fresh air for a couple of hours, and we and the dogs are so much better for it.

* Some of  Mr A's strange words...definitions:
    rounding        -   looking around an area
    collybobbles  -   testicles
    dumbles         -   dumb-bells or weights
    feet fingers     -   toes 


  1. Walking dogs is such a lovely thing to do - I (I can say 'We' now) walk them every evening and it gives a good structure to the latter part of the day.

    Good luck staying off the fags. If I can give up anyone can

  2. Yes I do enjoy walking them FF, and we used to do it everyday...usually early morning. It's only since we moved here last year that it hasn't really happened. But we have 15 more days together before I go to England, so the plan is to walk every morning and try to get Beki used to taking orders from me while Mr A is around, then hopefully I can continue once Mr A starts work and is not around.

    No guarantee it will work of course but it would be good for me and the dogs if it did.

  3. Oh and thanks for the good luck re the fags FF! I once gave up for nine years..when I was pregnant and when my children were young...that was long ago and I've given up several times since. It doesn't matter how long you manage without them, don't you find that the desire is always there? Particularly with a glass of wine or after dinner with coffee...those are the difficult times for me.

  4. Wish you the best on breaking the habit. I quit two years ago.. cold turkey, so to speak. It isn't easy but you can do it. It would, of course help if Mr. A did so too but it has to be a personal decision at the end of the day.
    As far as the desire, you are an addict and there is no such thing as an ex-addict so yes, the desire is still there but it gets a lot more manageable as time goes on.

    So much of an addiction revolves around ritualized behavior. Ever notice how much habitual or ritualized behavior goes along with smoking. The opening the packet or tapping on the top, for example. So it really helps to develop another ritualized behavior pattern in for your weak moments. Nothing nerve-racking for Mr. A, hopefully but try it. Sounds goofy but it worked for me.

    Keeping your hands busy also helps a great deal. But after about two months or less, you won't need any of those tricks.
    That's my two-cents anyway.

  5. Nomad: Yes I agree, breaking the ritualised pattern of behaviour is the way to go and this has worked for me in the past, hence the going out for a walk instead of sitting down with the cigs.
    Mr A has spent the whole of today in the garden, which has enabled him to cut down on the smoking a fair bit.
    I've been on and off the laptop as I usually do between doing other things. Every time I think it's time to light up...I go and do something else. its working so far.

  6. Good for you and I wish you well with this decision. Do it for you because in the end it is your health and your lungs.
    You gave up for months before........ you can do it again.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  7. Thanks Maggie...I'll give it my best shot!

  8. Love those words of Mr Ayaks, and very good luck with the smoking. We should both stop :-(

  9. I have smoked on and off, but having no money helps stopping :-) And a good walk to clear the airways.

  10. Jan: It's not easy though is it?

    Heiko: Yes lack of money is as good an incentive as any!

  11. Collybobbles!?? I love it! And, yes, the dogs crave our companionship. Mine love it when I am outside walking or working. Yes, get your camera going--I'm eager to live vicariously through your photos! C

  12. Hi Stickhorse.. Well I've got the camera working...I's just that I don't really know what I'm doing with it...I have promised myself I will read the instruction booklet very carefully today...and not just skim over or ignore it as I often do with instructions.

  13. I loved Mr A's new words.

    Good luck giving up smoking.

    Put the money you would spend on ciggies into a jar.

  14. Hope the cravings are not too unbearable. Try not to follow my path of putting on four stone, one of which has finally gone. I became an eating machine once the cigarettes were out of bounds.

  15. It's not too bad today FF...although I have an awful cough. I remember this happening before when I've given's like all the horrible stuff wants to get out of my lungs!
    Oh I know I will put on weight..I'm already stuffing chocolate today...I will have to be careful.

  16. Thanks Monalisa...yes I should start saving the ciggie money shouldn't I?

  17. The walks sounds brill, Im looking forward to the nice weather here all it seems to do is rain grr. Well done u on giving up the cigarettes, its hard I know but it willbe good for u in more ways than one. Im starting on yet another diet, maybe we should try together lol xx

  18. Oh I forgot love the way Mr Ayak uses the word feet fingers it put a smile on my face xx

  19. congrats on your decision to quit smoking. I just celebrated a year of being nicotine free and I'm so happy about it. My husband still smokes but he never indulged to quite the extent that I did. Although he hasn't mentioned that he would quit, he and my daughter are so proud of me. Frankly, I'm surprised that I managed this. The first time lasted 8 months. I know that I can never put one to my mouth again and it took that first "quit' to realize that.
    Again...congrats to you. I quit for Myself and that's the best person to quit for.

  20. Hi Bomb: Hope you are well...yes lets do a diet together..I'm going to need to do it because the temptation to eat instead of smoking is dreadful!

    Hi Charlotte Ann and welcome to my blog. Well done on a year without the dreaded weeds. Of course it's best to do it for yourself..I realise that now..but it's nice how it affects others isn't it?


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