Saturday, 24 April 2010

Poppy....What a difference 7 months makes

This is Poppy on the day that we rescued her. 
Not a very clear picture I'm afraid...taken in my days of one-use disposable cameras.

 I had just spent hours washing her and removing ticks and all sorts of other horrible things from her hair....well in fact she didn't actually have much hair as you can see.
She also had some nasty infected sores which I treated with antibiotic cream and which took several weeks to clear up.

She was so fragile and timid.  At first I thought she was very young...she was just so tiny, but the vet we saw the next day said she was in fact somewhere around 3 years old, and that she had clearly been badly treated and malnourished.

And this is Poppy today.   These are rare pictures of Poppy as she is terrified of cameras.  On the whole she is much less timid and more confident than she was seven months ago, but it took a lot of coaxing on my part to get her to keep still enough to be snapped....after which she promptly did a nervous wee on the floor!

Once I'm more proficient with the camera I may  find it easier to catch her unawares and take some more.


  1. You've obviously done a good job with her, she looks very happy and healthy!

  2. It's not difficult is it Jan? Regular food and water and lots of love and cuddles...usually does the trick!

  3. What a change!
    Your love and care have made such a diference.

  4. She looks in marvellous condition now. A credit to you.

    Nuts in May

  5. This is a phrase that my elderly relatives once used,"You have put some new stars in your crown." And the payoff is wonderful, isn't it? Books, plants and animals, for me, often provide a relief from the frustrations of human contact.

  6. Oh she is gorgeous! And your photos are good ones too. I just point and click when I take photos and dont know what I am doing. Turkey must be very different from the UK. My best friend is Turkish and I hope to travel there one day.

  7. Fly and Maggie...Yes she is a different dog now...although it's hard to keep her looking tidy...she is naturally scruffy and hates being brushed!

    Nomad: Oh how true that is. It's the unconditional love you get from dogs that does it for me.

    Lilly: Thanks for the compliment..I just point and click too...I'm very new to this..but these digital cameras are wonderful..saves having to throw away the majority of prints from a roll of film!
    I hope you get to visit Turkey some won't regret it!

  8. Oh she is so sweet and so very lucky to have found you. Probably like our Poppy (another rescue) she will not let you out of her sight.

  9. FF: Yes that's true...she follows me around all the time.
    It took quite a while for her to allow anyone to cuddle her. She has a little bed in our bedroom, but as soon as I switch out the light...she jumps on the bed, creeps under the covers and snuggles up to me for a cuddle...haven't the heart to put her back in her bed!

  10. Poppy is a very lucky little dog to have such a kind care taker such as yourself to watch over her. She really is cute.

  11. What an adorable little dog! I will write soon about my new little rescue dog, Rikki. I adopted her a few weeks ago, and progress is slow. She is about 2 yrs. old and had been in the animal shelter since she was 4 months old. She is also quite timid and afraid of men. Sometimes she likes my husband and other times she barks and growls at him. She always LOVES ME! LOL
    My hubby isn't quite so understanding about it! There are many rewards to rescuing a poor dog, but I've found it also requires much diligence! Love your blog! V.

  12. Thanks Mr H xx

    V: It takes a lot of patience thats for sure..but it's well worth it. I'll look forward to reading about Rikki and seeing some pics too.
    It's great to have you and C following my blog..I very much enjoy your joint blog too xx

  13. Awww she looks gorgeous and in such good condition now xx


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