Saturday, 17 April 2010

Sad Saturday

I am sad today.  In fact I shed a few tears this morning while I was on the phone to Mr Ayak.  It seems unlikely I'll get to England tomorrow, or for the foreseeable future, the way things are going.

And there is Mr Ayak, sad too, sitting in his business premises with no customers...because they're all stuck in the UK and other parts of Europe.  This is a real problem for us.  Mr A is committed to paying rent on these premises because he has signed a contract.  If there are no customers, there will be no business, and no business means no money to pay rent or anything else.

But then you start to put things into perspective.  I'm relieved that there are no flights and that safety has been put first.  I feel sorry for those people who are stranded and unable to get home of course.  But I am also a little irritated at some of these people who have appeared in some news reports, who are moaning about it.  One man even said he thought the airlines should take a chance and resume some of the flights!  What is it with people like this?   Do they really not understand the implications of flying in these conditions?  Or are they so wrapped up in themselves and how something affects them personally?

There are disasters and tragedies happening every minute of the day all over the world.  More than a thousand people have lost their lives in the recent earthquake in China.  Our soldiers are still being killed and maimed in Afghanistan.   These are the important things in life.   This is what makes me really sad.


  1. I'm sorry for your predicament and hopefully it will be resolved soon but I agree with you on the severity of the problem. Myself, I would be grateful those planes were grounded were I a flier at this time.

  2. Oh Ayak, I am sorry for you both, truly I am. But how lovely and fair of you to look at the bigger picture. Hopefully your trip is not cancelled but just postponed until normal flights are resumed. As for Mr A having to pay rent - I suppose there is not clause in the insurance to that covers this sort of catastrophe?

  3. Haha - no I wasn't drunk when I typed that - my fingers go too fast sometimes. Slow and steady, slow and steady - repeat after me


  4. Typical of you to look at the larger picture in the midst of your own worries and disappointment.
    I do feel for you...wish I could do something practical.
    Still wondering if I can fly back to France as planned....

  5. I am really sorry that you can't fly and hope that you can get to England at a later date.
    I can understand your disappointment and the worry about your business must be frightening. Everyone seems to be dependent on something else & if you take one thing away........ it all goes horribly wrong, Just like one skittle setting off the others to fall..
    Really strange phenomena going on at present but one thing for sure is......... that the air companies are not risking life or limb to fly when it isn't safe. Don't want aircraft falling out of the sky .........
    I have a feeling though that we are in for a long haul. Last time that volcano blew (according to the media)......... it spewed out stuff for 4 years. I wonder what would happen then? Scary.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  6. Thankyou...all of you...for your kind words.

    Fly: Hope you will be able to get back to France OK.

    Maggie: It's a scary thought indeed if this turns out to be much more long term

  7. What unbelievable bad luck for you and Mr Ayak...
    Hopefully the people Mr Ayak is renting from will be sympathetic with what has happened unexpectedly and allow him some leeway with paying the rent.

  8. So very sorry that you can't travel. Just had a call from some friends in Australia who are trying to get to Paris and can't start. Sooooo frustrating for all of you with no idea when it will end. Mind you, it is spectacular that Mother Nature can bring the world to a halt even in this day and age.

  9. Monalisa: I hope so!

    Rosie: You can't fight Mother Nature that's for sure!

  10. Ayak, I am so sorry for your plight(s). You are so right to try to keep perspective, but at times when life dumps a bunch it is hard. I am thinking of you and Mr. A. I know the stress of trying to build a business and the rejection you feel--not to mention the financial strain--of it not going well. Please keep us posted. C

  11. Stickhorse...Thanks..yes I will

  12. On Yahoo News it says that some flights are taking place now throughout Europe. I know that the blogger, Dotterel - his wife is flying into Glasgow from somewhere or other this afternoon. You might be okay tomorrow.

  13. Sounds daft, but there are flights Istanbul to Madrid still going as of today, and the Eurolines coach could get you to London from there.
    It might have to get me to Paris.

    I don't know what your ticket refund arrangements are, but it might be worth a thought.

  14. LaMia: Well all I can say is good luck with the lottery! xxx

    Fly: No chance I'm tickets are non-refundable. I'll only get a refund if THEY cancel...and no doubt I'll have to wait ages for it. They will offer me a refund or standby and standby as I mentioned before means waiting...and waiting...with no guarantees. I'm now about to stay up all night to check the website and if the airports open at 7.00am (9.00am here) I'll make a mad dash for the airport

  15. Sorry that you can't go as planned, but you seem to be keeping your chin up. Hopefully it will all sort itself out pretty quickly.

  16. Oh, I am so sorry to hear this news. If anybody needed some time away, it sounds like it could be you.

    To be a Pollyanna for a moment, it is still better not to fly taking a risk of falling out of the sky. There, at least, is a good reason for this and some strikes or employee action. Nothing spoils a holiday than to be 35000 feet in the air and all four motors cut out. Such a bother! (I may be watching too many episodes of Plane Crash Investigation on the NatGEO channels.)

    Try to keep your faith, because this is the time it is particularly needed. And sorry to report, my magical powers do not carry over into geological or astronomical phenomena so I can't do much about this, Ayak. (Turkish shrug)

  17. Nomad...thanks...and yes I agree..I wouldn't really want to fly with such a risk.
    Anyway its confirmed, my flight is definitely cancelled, so at least I know now. (Turkish shrug back at you!)


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