Thursday, 15 April 2010

Thankless Thursday

This ash from the volcano in Iceland is causing so much disruption isn't it?

Now all British airports are closed, and I'm desperately hoping they'll be open again before I'm due to fly to London on Sunday.

It could be worse of course...I could have been travelling today and found myself stranded in Istanbul.  I feel so sorry for all the thousands of people who have found themselves in this predicament today.

I've just spoken on the phone to the friends who visited me on Tuesday.  They are due to fly back to the UK tomorrow morning, so it's very likely that they will get as far as Istanbul, and be unable to go any further.

At the hotel where Mr Ayak's business is situated, customers were due to fly in from the UK today, and again tomorrow, and of course they won't be arriving.   In any case, he decided to come home in the early hours of this morning.  He rented an apartment for personnel.  This is a requirement in any business within the tourist industry...the boss has to provide accommodation for his employees.  Unfortunately it has only two rooms, and will accommodate four people, and there are five including Mr Ayak, two of whom are female.  So as Mr Ayak lives closest to the business, he will have to travel to and from home every day.

He has heard from Mehmet who assures him that he will be continuing his journey tomorrow and should arrive in Milas late morning, so Mr A will collect him and they will set off and make another attempt at getting the business off the ground.

So please everyone...keep your fingers and everything else crossed for that Mr A's prospective customers will arrive from the UK...and that I will manage to get to see my daughter and grandson on Sunday.


  1. Oh Ayak, even the elements seem out to stress you.
    Good luck with the clients arriving and, of course, with your own flight.
    Fingers crossed for you.

  2. Thanks Fly. Well I'm resigned to waiting now...what else can you do. It's far better that peoples lives' are not put at risk...I'll get there eventually.

  3. It took me a good while to catch up with your writing,,, I don't usually get so far behind. Hope you all get a good rain or some good wind to clear the air.

  4. Here's hoping that you fly as arranged and that everything goes brilliantly with the launch of the venture. At least Mr A having to come back each evening is good for the doggies - if not for his petrol consumption.

    Fingers' crossed.

  5. My fingers are firmly crossed for you.

  6. Am keeping everything crossed for you Ayak, be safe xx

  7. In case you don't pop back - this was what Lulu Labonne put in response to your Youtube comment

    *@Ayak - when I was in Turkey I got round the ban by using VTunnel.*



  8. Thankyou so much everyone for your good wishes for keeping fingers crossed for me...much appreciated xx

    FF: I just popped back to make another comment and spotted posted a thankyou to Lulu.

    Thanks xx


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