Tuesday, 20 April 2010


This is a post just to say how much I have appreciated the thoughtful words from everyone both on here and on Facebook, over the past few days.

I woke up quite depressed and tearful this morning....and almost as if my daughter is telepathic...she picked just the right moment to skype me so I could chat to her and Billy on webcam.

Of course Stella and I are really disappointed that I'm not there right now.  We've both been having a hard time recently and we so looked forward to lots of cuddles and precious time well as being able to celebrate Billy's 1st Birthday on Friday.

But as she says...Billy won't really understand that it's his birthday...and we can save the cuddles for later, when it's safe for me to travel.  She's a wise and wonderful girl, my daughter.  I am so proud of her and love her to bits!

I'm pleased to see that ships have been sent to rescue some of the many people who have been stranded due to this disaster.  And in particular that 500 troops on their way home from Afghanistan who were stuck in Cyprus, were airlifted yesterday and are being collected by the ship Albion from Santander this morning.  Of all the people who are facing difficulties at this time, I think most people would agree that these brave soldiers deserve to get home as soon as possible.

My friends who I mentioned before, who were due to travel on Friday, are still waiting on standby.  They have had difficulty getting through to the airline on the phone and have had to make a round trip to the airport each day to put themselves on standby every time a flight is cancelled.  My friend considers herself lucky however, as she has an apartment in Selcuk, so at least has somewhere to stay when so many others don't.

I'm very concerned that airlines are putting pressure on governments to re-open airspace before they should.  I sincerely hope they don't bow to this before the time is right.   Safety...not money...should always be top priority.  I certainly don't intend to fly again until I am absolutely sure that it's safe to do so.

Anyway...the purpose of this post was really to show my appreciation of the kindness I have experienced from people I am happy to have as friends.

Thankyou xxx


  1. You're quite welcome. Kindness comes easily to those that are also kind. Your wise daughter is correct. For babies every day is a possible birthday or time to celebrate! It depends on the amount of attention given to them.:)
    One more Pollyanna thing. At least, you were not stuck some place like so many people. You hadn't been in between places when this nutty situation started. That could have been worse. I have spend hours and hours waiting at airports between here and the US and it is like a special kind of modern hell.

  2. You are welcome, Ayak. I have come to look for your reports with interest. I am sorry for your trip cancellation and for Mr. A's business woes. C

  3. You deserve lots of support, Ayak.

    Just think.... you will be going to see your grandson at a later date when the other planned trip would be over & done with. something to look forward to.

    I am pleased for the soldiers on leave from Afghanistan. They need the break.

    I am also a bit worried that safety in the skies is being compromised because of money losses..... but..... our skies are still quiet & without vapour trails of any kind.

    Nuts in May

  4. You're very welcome. Has Mr Ayak had any business yet? Will they get any Turkish customers?

  5. Thanks Nomad...yes how fortunate that I am safely at home and not stuck somewhere far away, with no money, like so many others.

    Thankyou Stickhorsecowgirl xx

    Thankyou concern is that airports will be open too soon...I certainly hope this isn't the case. And yes I will look forward to my next trip whenevr that may be. xx

    Rosie: Unfortunately Mr Ayak has had absolutely no customers since he opened almost a week ago. I spoke to him an hour ago and he's trying to remain are so many others around him who are suffering lack of business too.
    As far as Turkish customers are concerned, unless they are actually on holiday in the resort, it's probably unlikely that they will use his's more geared up for tourists, so locals wouldn't bother.

  6. I too feel a bit concerned that money is being put before safety. How would the airlines feel if a plane crashed because they were in too much of a hurry!

  7. Me too Jan. The MD of Ryanair yesterday criticised BA for suggesting that airlines be he said...of course BA would say this...they were losing money before all this started.
    So yes I am concerned that the emphasis is on money rather than safety with some airlines.

  8. You were bound to go into a bit of a slump after all the eager anticipation. I'm glad you had a Billy and daughter session today - it's the tonic you needed.

  9. It certainly was just what I needed FF xx


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