Sunday, 4 April 2010

Update on Oil wrestling

Well it turns out that the oil wrestling organisers are charging 20 lira entrance fee. This is outrageous for a village tournament. Even when we went to the tournament in Selçuk, a large town with a proper stadium, we didn't have to pay. So there is no way we can afford to go.

However, Mr Ayak was asked by a man in the teahouse if he would give him a lift to the tournament on his motorbike, and in return the man would get him into the tournament without paying, because the man's brother is one of the organisers.  Ha!  It's not what you know..but who you know isn't it?

So that's a solution for Mr Ayak.  As for me?  The only way I can get to go is if I squeeze on the motorbike with Mr A and his passenger...which I have declined.   Although it would have been quite normal to do so.  Whole families squeeze onto motorbikes...I once saw a family of 5 on one motorbike, using a rolled up carpet to sit on.

But it's not for me...I'll give it a miss this time. Mr A will have a day out and I will enjoy relaxing outside in the sunshine

Update on the wedding:

The celebrations have resumed as of half an hour ago.  Even someone being shot can't stop the Turks having a good time! 



  1. Ihope u r feeling better today and have a lovely day enjoying the sunshine, its much better than sitting in a threesome on a motorbike lol xx

  2. Yep...I'm way past threesomes on motorbikes!

  3. I'm sorry, but between the oil wrestling, murderous weddings, and threesomes on motorbikes I will be laughing to myself all day. You live in a very interesting village...I love it.

  4. Yes Mr H...just another typical day in paradise haha!

  5. How interesting where you live! Pictures, pictures! We need pictures.

  6. I agree with Mr H Ayak, your village is very interesting. never dull where you stay, is it.

    Good luck with giving up the cigarettes, you can do it girl, you did it before.

  7. Well at least one of you could go, and you could enjoy a relaxing do-what-you-like day!

  8. Charlotte Ann: There are a few pics of the village dotted about my blog..but I will produce some more when I've sorted out my camera.

    Ann: No it's never dull here...that's for sure. Thanks re the smoking...Day 4 far so good.

    Jan: Well I didn't feel like I drew the short straw...I was quite happy to sit around doing nothing!

  9. I know you are very happy Mr A is back but it is still nice to have 'me' time again. As for 20 lira admission - going from what you said is the minimum one can buy petrol for, this admission fee is a bloody fortune.

  10. I quite agree FF..."me" time is still very important. Yes it was a ridiculous amount. I can't imagine many people could have afforded it.


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