Saturday, 1 May 2010

Bad News or Good News?

I'm still having a bit of a battle with Expedia over refunds for my cancelled flights.  The 18th April flight is straightforward...I will receive a full refund for this one.  As far as the 2nd May return flight is concerned, as this was booked seperately, I am not entitled to a refund...apparently.  Expedia contacted Turkish Airlines who have just said that Expedia can apply for a refund of the taxes.  In any case, Expedia have now informed me that I am likely to have to wait up to 3 months to receive any refunds. 

So I started searching flights on the internet yesterday, just out of interest, and can't believe how expensive they are.   It would be better for me to go as soon as possible before Mr Ayak starts getting busy, because at this time he can have the dogs with him in the house they have rented for personnel, because it's just Mr A and Mehmet at the moment.  Also from June through till September they will be far too busy, and I would probably have to wait until October to go to England again.

So I checked out flights with Expedia and the only options given were to fly from Bodrum to Istanbul with Atlasjet, from Istanbul to Moscow with Aeroflot, and then on to London....a journey of 18 hours and 35 minutes!  At a cost of 460 pounds.  So I'm now sure I will never use Expedia ever again.

So here is the bad news...Mr A phoned last night to say father-in-law is on his way here.  In  fact he should be arriving any minute now.  Apparently he is just staying for the weekend...but who knows?  Of course Mr A can't get home, so I will have to put up with his scintillating company on my own.

BUT here is the good news.  I have managed to book a flight for next Thursday, 6th May, with Monarch Airlines, flying from Bodrum to Luton.  My brother has kindly said that collecting me from Luton isn't a problem.  And my return flight will be on 23rd May.  And the cost:   166 pounds return!   I've done my calculations and this is covered by the cancellation refund, and as that will eventually be credited to my credit card, I felt I was justified in booking it.

I've spoken to Stella on webcam this morning and she is as excited as I am.  I am so looking forward to seeing her and Billy, and I'm so happy today that coping with FIL for the next few days will be a walk in the park!


  1. It seems so unfair that you should have to wait for a refund for such a long time. As for f-i-l coming again, he must realise it will be awkward without Mr A there - I wonder what possessed him to think he would enjoy it (I don't mean that as a reflection on your hostessing skills)

    But - now for the good bit - I am so very delighted on your behalf that in less than a week you will get to see your lovely family again. Let's hope that all goes smoothly with your flight and I know you are going to have the most wonderful time in the world


  2. Well FF...of course he isn't coming to enjoy himself (if he's actually capable of such a thing) but to tend to the land, so I won't see much of him...he'll be there from dawn till dusk and Mr A tells me that FIL has to be back in Ankara by Monday so will probably just stay one night and leave tomorrow night..hopefully! Thanks for your good wishes for the trip..I know I will have a wonderful time xxx

  3. It's not so bad. You know where you stand with FIL now.
    So glad you are getting to see Billy soon.

  4. Monalisa: Oh yes I certainly do know where I stand...that helps my confidence strangely enough.

  5. Good for you, I was hoping you would get another flight. I was also wondering what you would do with the dogs. It sounds like you have an excellent plan. Wow, plane trips are expensive, the only one I have ever been on was when I was about 8 years old...I think I will try to keep it that way.:)

  6. Hope everything eventually gets sorted but at least u will see Stella and Billy soon yay and u can be so nice to FIL even if u need a sick bag lol cos u can think it wont be long now til Im gone xx

  7. Mr H: The dogs are always my first consideration when I need to plan a trip. As long as they are happy...I'm happy. Yes flights are so expensive...I wish I had a magic (Turkish) carpet!

    Bomb: So true...have been sooo nice to him today (sickbag in pocket at the ready)


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