Monday, 24 May 2010

Home and Memories

Two weeks and three days in England seemed to disappear in the blink of an eye.  Oh how difficult it was to say goodbye this time.  Oh how I wished for the volcanic ash to appear again and delay my return...but it wasn't to be.

Mr Ayak collected me from the airport, accompanied by bags of food to stock the fridge.  I don't know how he managed to buy it as he's not earning any money yet but he'll borrow rather than see me starve.  We just had time for a coffee and a chat before he set off back to the hotel, and to return the car he had borrowed to collect me.  I'll see him again in a few days.

Beki and Poppy were very pleased to see me and as a result of them bouncing all over me with excitement it was pretty late before I managed to stumble into bed.

Stella has just sent me a few photos of Billy and I, and I'll share a couple with you here.  They really just sum up the wonderful relationship that I managed to build with Billy in such a short time.  Memories I will cherish and keep close to my heart until I see him again.


  1. Such super photographs!
    You must feel torn...glad to be back with Mr. Ayak and comforted by the delight shown by the dogs at seeing you again - it's their Billy moment, if you see what I mean - but still reliving every moment of the time you had with your daughter and Billy.
    Hope all has been well with Mr. Ayak since you left.

  2. Welcome back! I'm so happy you had the opportunity to visit your family and Billy & you were able to bond.:)

  3. Lovely photos, I'm so glad you made it to the UK alright this time.

  4. Oh Linda, those photos are lovely - I must confess that the second one made me shed a little tear. I'm so glad that Stella captured the moment.

    Just keep posting and let it all out on here - and none of those apologies that you sometimes do. I know it must be very hard coming away from somewhere that holds people you love so so much. Use your blog as therapy and it will all be alright in the end.

    Happy dogs will bring you pleasure at being home, made all the better when Mr A is back with you again


  5. Fly: Yes I was torn. Mr A is OK but as expected business hasn't been so good this first month. Hopefully it will pick up.

    Mr H: Thanks..I was surprised at how easy it was for us to bond.

    Jan: Thanks...and I hope your parents manage to get over to see you very soon.

    FF: That second photo makes me very emotional too. Thankyou for your kind words. The love of my dogs does help.

    Bomb...thankyou xx

    and Nomad: Thankyou xx

  6. Love the second photo. And love the hair colour too :-)

  7. Everything will fall back into place and the dark cloud move on. Welcome back!

  8. The photos of you both are so lovely and you can see just how proud of Billy you are.
    It is the hardest thing in the world to say goodbye to a grandchild. But he WILL remember you.
    Pity the ash didn't give you a few more days..... never does what its supposed to, does it?
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  9. awww bless, all cuddled up so lovely. I don't suppose the good weather here helped either - if it had been it's usual May self it would have been slightly easier to return. I'll let you know about the sideways, freezing cold rain on bank holiday Monday to help you feel better!

  10. Rosie: Yes I love that photo in particular. Glad you like the hair colour. I'm quite pleased with it.

    Heiko: Thanks. The cloud isn't quite so dark at the moment.

    Maggie: Of course you too know what it's like saying goodbye to grandchildren. I'm sure it doesn't get any easier. He popped on webcam yesterday...and smiled as soon as I I think he does now know it's me!

    Kelloggsville. It was pretty cold there when I arrived but the last few days were glorious. It gave us the opportunity to get out and about with Billy which was lovely.

  11. Lovely photos, especially of the two of you asleep.
    Hope your big black cloud in your head has passed.

  12. Monalisa: Thanks...the cloud has almost gone! xx


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