Monday, 31 May 2010

Old Family Photos

My brother recently found some old photos up in his loft.
Amongst them were these two.

They were very small, scratched, dirty and creased.  He has spent some considerable time restoring them.

That's my Dad above, around 18 years old, having just joined the Merchant Navy.

And the one below is my Mum, taken in 1946 when she was also 18 years old.

It was a great idea of my brother's to restore these, before they were lost forever.

Lovely aren't they?


  1. Aawh they are ace, glad you have them x

  2. Your parents were very attractive. How lovely to have these pictures - kudos to your bro for the restoration.

  3. auntiegwen: Yes I'm very glad too!

    FF: Yes I think they were indeed very attractive. I love my Mum's hairstyle. And my Dad's happy smile stayed with him until he died...bless him.

    My brother has some more to restore but it's time consuming, so I'll need to wait a while. I'm so grateful to him for taking the trouble.

  4. You look like your Mum. :)

  5. Heiko: So I've been told...although I do have my Dad's little piggy eyes! :-)

  6. It's great to have photographs of your parents when they were young - you never have those memories yourself, so, once again your brother shows what a super guy he is by restoring these.

  7. Fly: Yes it's lovely to have them. This was actually my other brother...another really super guy. I'm very lucky!

  8. What lovely treasures! I love old family photographs--they link me to the past and to my ancestors.

  9. Jan: Thanks xx

    Fly: Yes..I'm really lucky!

    Stickhorsegirls: I agree and how wonderful that technology provides the means to keep them forever.


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