Monday, 17 May 2010

Poorly people

I've been enjoying my time with Billy and Stella immensely.  Billy is such a dear little boy, so contented and easygoing...very much a reflection of his mother's wonderful laid-back, caring attitude I think.

On Friday morning we took Billy to the surgery for his jabs...not a pleasant task.  He cried of course, but recovered fairly quickly.  I think it's actually a far worse experience for Mum really.

They were both due to spend the weekend with Stella's dad, so I wouldn't be seeing them again until today.
I went shopping with a friend on Saturday, then returned to my brother's house late afternoon.  Around 6pm I suddenly felt sick, and rushed to the bathroom, where I spent the best part of Saturday night vomiting.  Boy did I feel awful.

Early on Sunday morning Stella sent me a text message to say that she and Billy had been up all night at her father's house, with the same bug.   Stella's stepmum is an absolute treasure, and spent the night looking after Billy, because Stella was too sick, and changing bedding etc.

They travelled back yesterday afternoon and both slept for the rest of the day.  I also spent the day in fact I didn't get up again until this morning.

Billy was worse this morning and as a precaution Stella took him to the local hospital, where they said it was nothing serious, and to keep his fluid intake up and to give him dry toast, crackers etc.  I've just spent the day with them, and Billy has been asleep most of the time, but fortunately he seems to have perked up a bit this evening.  Thank goodness.

I have lost more than half a stone in weight since Saturday...not a bad thing...but not a good way to do it!

And now the volcanic ash is causing more who knows if my return flight on Sunday will actually be going.  To be this point in time...I won't be too disappointed if it's cancelled (but don't tell Mr Ayak!)


  1. Oh dear, what a thing to happen to you all. I wonder what the culprit was? Glad to hear that you're all making a recovery, especially little Billy!

  2. You'll need an extra day or two to recover from the bug.

  3. By the way thank you for the award.
    I was really excited.
    Now I'm going to pick seven others to pass this on to, just finding it difficult as there are so many good bloggers...

  4. Sounds like one of those horrible glad you are all recovering, but not nice while it is happening.
    In a way, you wouldn't mind volcanic ash going on for quite a while yet, would you.....

  5. Ooh poor you, sound awful. My mum is in my house in Turkey now, due to fly back on Thursday but like you not too fussed if she's delayed a day or 2 ! But fellow blogger Libby is due to fly out to my house on Monday so fingers crossed they both get where they need to

  6. Jan:'s taking a bit of time to get back to normal but I think he will be ok

    Monalisa: Yes a couple more days would be good.
    And you're welcome to the award xxx

    Fly: It is a nasty bug..we've all had a bit of a relapse today so it's taking it's toll.
    You're right, I wouldn't mind being delayed a bit longer

    auntiegwen. It really does depend where you are as to whether you are bothered by the disruption of course. I do feel sorry for people who really need to get home.


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