Saturday, 15 May 2010

The Prolific Blogger Award

I'm very flattered to have received this award today from
'Cross the Pond who is a fairly new follower of my thankyou very much.

The rules that accompany this award are as follows:

1. Every winner of the Prolific Blogger Award has to pass on this award to at least seven other deserving prolific bloggers. Spread some love!

2. Each Prolific Blogger must link to the blog from which he/she has received the award (see above).

3. Every Prolific Blogger must link back to this post, which explains the origins and motivation for the award.

4. Every Prolific Blogger must visit this post and add his/her name in the Mr. Linky, so that we all can get to know the other winners.

So here are just seven of my favourite blogs who deserve this award. 

Nomadic View



French Leave

Nuts in May

Path to Self Sufficiency

My Life


  1. Ayak, thank you...and thanks to your unrivalled service - internet for numpties- I was able to sign up on the list!
    I always look forward to your blogs - and the blogs to which you have introduced me.

  2. Thankyou Fly...I certainly feel the same way about your blog too xx

  3. Tesheker ederum x now I know that'll be the worst spelled version of that you'll ever have seen in your life but thank you sweets, much appreciated I'll put it on my little cybershelf of nice things xxx

  4. Thankyou thankyou Ayak, now I have to work out how to do what we have to do lol xx

  5. Auntiegwen...I don't mind hw you speel it..I knew what you were saying..and you're welcome.

    Bomb: You're can work it out...I did!

  6. Many thanks for passing it onto me.......Ayak! I feel very honoured!
    Congratulations on your award.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  7. You're welcome Maggie..and thankyou.

    (I just noticed the typos in my previous post...sorry about that!)

  8. Mighty Honored, m'am! :)
    Thanks for the recognition.

    I've been watching BBC (Volcano News!) and is it possible that you might get stuck there??

  9. Nomad: You're welcome.
    I may get stuck...who knows? There's very little anyone can do about seems like this disruption will go on for some time


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