Saturday, 15 May 2010

A Special Award

This is a very special award.  Not a blog award but a personal one.  For my brother.

He's nine years younger than me...the baby of the family...but his common sense, wisdom and caring nature makes him seem like an older brother to me.

I've had a fair few ups and downs in my life, and he has always been there for me.  He always listens when I want to talk...and sometimes I talk too much..but he's very patient!

When I make my trips to England he is there to collect me from the airport and to drop me off on my return, and he and his wife are happy to let me stay in their home. He'll often act as chauffeur when I need to be somewhere.

He is a very kind, considerate and generous man, who willingly offers help to anyone in need.  Nothing is ever too much trouble for him.  He probably has no idea just how special he is.

It's all too easy to appear to take family members for granted, so even though he may not even read this post, it's important for me to put in words just how much he is appreciated and loved...not just by me...but by all those fortunate enough to know him.


  1. What a super guy he is...and how nice of you to say so.

  2. Fly: He really is the best!

  3. He sounds a really good brother xx

  4. I am also very fond of my brother too. We must never take our family members for granted. I agree on that.

    Hoping you are having a fabulous time here. Not warming up though, is it?
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. Maggie: Having a lovely time, in spite of feeling a bit poorly this weekend. Hmm..this weather doesn!t help!

  6. Aww that is a lovely post and it sounds like you have a wonderful brother. Somethign tells me you are a wonderful sister too. You are so right we do take our family for granted sometimes and how great it is that you can honor your brother in this way. I hope he is going to read this!

  7. Lilly he would probably be embarrassed if he read it. He really doesn't know what a lovely man he is.


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