Monday, 3 May 2010

Update on flight refunds....

...or maybe that should read "update on attempting to get anything other than an automated response from Expedia on flight refunds".

OK I have my flights booked for my trip  on Thursday, and I know (or hope) that I will eventually be credited with a refund for cancelled flights.   But it's these bloody automated-response emails that really irritate me.  I don't want to know that Expedia are busy because they have a lot of flights to refund or re-book.  I just want them to deal with my refund.  Why should I have to wait up to 3 months for a refund?  They didn't give me 3 months to pay for the ticket when I booked it!

The last email I sent to them last week, was a reminder that I had cancelled the 2nd May flight, because it was still appearing as active on my account with them.  I just wanted them to confirm that it had been cancelled by me, as my previous request had just produced another automated response.

Naturally, the reply to this email produced yet another automated response...aargh.

So the final straw yesterday actually made me laugh out loud.   Yesterday was 2nd May...the day of the cancelled flight.   If I had been travelling back from England I would have left at around 11am from Heathrow to Istanbul....then caught the transfer flight to Bodrum.

At around 1pm I was sitting at my laptop and an email from Expedia arrived in my mailbox.  Ah...I can't be an automated response because I haven't emailed them must be a REAL response.  No such luck.  It was notification that my transfer flight yesterday from Istanbul to Bodrum had been cancelled by Turkish Airlines.   So supposing I had been travelling back?  I would have been on the plane...halfway through my how on earth would I have received this notification?

I have written to Expedia pointing out that this information is hardly helpful, and could they PLEASE read my previous emails and actually deal with my request....... which I automated response.


  1. Thank heavens you have another flight booked because all these mails could just drive you out of the house screaming.

  2. Last time I was in the US I had the same problem with a FedEx delivery. And when I tried to get information, I kept having to deal with an automated system,"if you need information about... press 1.. if need information about... press 2." Then you had to wait and wait and finally it would simply disconnect, leaving you start the whole process all over again. When did customer service become so unimportant I wonder?

  3. I am so very happy to hear about your FIL, that is wonderful news. Too bad about your experiences with the airlines...I hope you get your refund. What could possibly be worse than having to communicate with an automated machine...kind of frightening really.

  4. FF: You are so right!

    Nomad: It doesn't exist anymore does it? Certainly not by internet or phone. Of course we know that Turkish face-to-face customer service is second to none!

    Mr H: Thanks I'm glad too about the FIL situation. I hate dealing with all this automated stuff.


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