Friday, 28 May 2010


No...these aren't my weeds.  The weeds in the pic actually look quite weeds go.  Mine are much worse...ugly things.

Before I went to England for just over two weeks, I had been working on keeping the weeds down.  Every day I was out in the garden removing weeds.

My in-laws actually came up and stayed in the house for four days while I was away. They left the day before I returned.   Considering the advice (for "advice" read "lecture") my father-in-law gave me last time about the upkeep of the garden, I was surprised and a little disappointed that he hadn't done some weeding whilst he was here.

On Monday and Tuesday I had to clean the house thoroughly.  The in-laws had left it in quite a mess to be honest.  The house was spotless when I left.  I even cleaned the oven and fridge.   Something had been spilt in the fridge and not cleaned up and all the shelves were dirty and sticky.  At some point the freezer appears to have been switched off for some time as food I had left in it had clearly defrosted...then had frozen again and stuck to the shelves.  On removal of the food it was clear by the smell that it had all gone I had to throw it away.  And the cooker was so greasy, it took several attempts to get it clean.

 I have to admit to being a bit angry about this.  If I ever stay in someone else's home, I make a point of cleaning up after myself, and would certainly have left it in the same condition as I found it.  I guess we all have different standards.

On Wednesday I caught the bus to Mr Ayak's hotel.  It's difficult, well impossible, for him to come home at the moment, so he asked me to go there.  We had breakfast together at his cousin's hotel and I caught up with his cousin and wife, which was very pleasant.   I can see for myself how quiet it is at the moment.  Everyone is sitting around waiting for customers.  They are still feeling the effects of the recent disruption to flights, which resulted in hotel bookings being cancelled.   Let's hope the volcano stops errupting and that the season can continue to improve.

Back to the weeds.   I made a start on them yesterday.  I spent hours pulling them up but I seem to be fighting a losing battle.  I'm sitting in the gazebo with my laptop at the moment, looking around me and the weeds seem to have grown again overnight.  I somehow think that this is my task for the foreseeable future..weeding, weeding and more weeding.  And I'm not very enthusiastic about it.

On a positive note, the grapevine is looking wonderful.  There will be a good crop this year.  Plums and almonds are coming along nicely, and pomegrantes are starting to appear.  I'm not sure how the fig trees will do this year.  There don't seem to be as many fruit appearing as last year, but the trees are looking very healthy.

Anyway...I can't spend anymore time on the laptop at the moment.  The temperatures are rising rapidly, so I have to weed before it gets too hot ......groan!


  1. I'm going mad weeding at the moment too, as in a coujple of weeks it will be impossible, and anyway I want them all for the compost heap! What a shame to find the house in a mess like that :-(

  2. Weeding is never ending, especially if you leave them a few days...

  3. Jan: It was a shame to find such a mess. I could have done without it..oh well. I've found a use for my neighbour asked me to throw them over her wall for her chickens. Good to know they're useful for something!

    Monalisa: Oh don't I know it!

  4. Fly: Yep! I shouldn't really have expected any different.

  5. How rude! I hope you don't let them stay again. Good luck with the weeding. One good thing about renting a flat - I'm watching the gardeners trim the hedges and rake the gravel in the garden as I type this! Shoudl I shout out that he missed a spot?! ;-)

  6. 'Cross the Pond: I have no choice about him staying whenever he likes I'm afraid. Apart from the fact that he gave us this house, it's part of Turkish culture to accept members of family into one's home whenever they choose to visit.
    How lovely that you've now got a garden you can admire without all the hard work!

  7. Those darn weeds, we also have a lot of them to tend...but not in the rain, I refuse to weed in the rain. To bad about your house being unkept, I thought that was just an unspoken rule that everyone was aware of..guess not.

  8. Was the dreaded f-i-l not alone this time? How bloody inconsiderate of whoever came that they made - and left- such a mess. I mean it has cost you money, having to chuck out the food.

    As for weeds - it is a never-ending battle here as well. It's all the Brittany rain - everything just grows too quickly.

    As for growing pomegranates - how wonderful, I adore them.

  9. Mr H. It's an unspoken rule where I come from...obviously some people have different standards.

    FF: FIL was with MIL (yes they are back together again). I like to think that she might have wanted to clean and he prevented her, because I can't imagine she wouldn't have done.
    Oh the pomegranates here are wonderful. I've never tasted anything like them big and juicy. I wonder if you could grow them there? Perhaps too much rain might have an effect?

  10. We have a tree..lots of flower but no they need a propagator?


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