Saturday, 1 May 2010

Who says tortoises are slow?

Here's the baby tortoise I mentioned several posts ago.  Do you remember?  I had him (or her...I wouldn't know?) in the palm of my hand and was about to take a photo with my other hand, when Poppy rushed up and barked at the tortoise causing him to wee on my hand.  I dropped both camera and tortoise...but neither thankfully came to any harm.

You can see how small he is...but my goodness does he move.  I don't know why people think tortoises are slow, this little chap is making very fast progress round our garden.

The problem is that he seems to have taken quite a liking to Poppy's pen...the chicken-wired section outside her little house and is so tiny that he can easily climb through the wire.  No less than three times today I've heard Poppy barking furiously in her pen and on investigation have found Timmy inside the pen (oh yes I always give pets names...and he is a kind of pet!).  Poppy seems to know she can't play with Timmy because he moves and she can't eat him because he's...well...too she just barks at him.  So each time I have removed him and taken him to the far end of the garden.  But in no time at all he's back again.

I've put some water out for him and I assume he is feeding on weeds but I'm wondering if he needs anything else?  Any ideas?  It's just that he is so tiny and there's no sign of a mother anywhere.  Maybe I'm over-concerned about him...after all he certainly seems to have plenty of energy!


FIL arrived and accepted my offer of coffee and cake in the gazebo, and we chatted for a while about the garden.  Well I chatted generally and he criticised...nothing new there.  But it was fine...he doesn't bother me at all now.  He went off to his land shortly after and will probably not be back until dusk.  I asked him if he would like me to cook him something this evening but he declined...fine.  He informed me that he has to travel back tomorrow night as he has to be in Ankara by Monday morning.  So he'll only be here for one night.  On reflection of course he probably didn't expect me to be here this weekend as he knew I should have been in the UK until tomorrow evening.  He's probably as disappointed to see me as I am to see him.  I don't suppose that we will ever actually like each other...but at least I can be pleasant and polite now...which I found very difficult to do before.


  1. I'm pleased you've got your flights to the UK sorted, and the cost's not too high. What a cute little tortoise, but I can't understand why it seems to keep returning to the lion's den!

  2. I really like the pictures you post and especially of your home and the surrounding area! How about posting some pictures of the town closest to you...houses of worship, etc.

  3. Jan: I don't understand why either.

    Charlotte Ann: Just for you I've now done a post with a few pics of Milas. I can't find any of mosques in Milas...I'll have to take some myself when I get back from England.

  4. My parents once found a tortoise when I was a kid and they adopted it alongside the Alsatian we had at the time. The tortoise was alowed to roam around freely in our flat and the dog couln't make head or tails of this strange creature.

    The tortoise did have one strange habit: Every afternoon when my Mum had just settled down for her habitual afternoon nap, the tortoise would try and climb up the walls and after a short while slide down down with a loud thud, which would wake my Mum with a start!

  5. Great pics and cute tortoise and well done u with FIL ...... see us women can achieve anything, I think we play games better than men hehehehe. xx

  6. Heiko...That's really very amusing, although probably not for your Mum.

    Bomb: I've done very well with well in fact that I feel another blog post coming on!


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