Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Another old photo

This was me in my late 20s...another photo that my brother recovered from his loft.

I had forgotten all about this one but it brought back lots of memories.

I was working as Studio Manager for an industrial photographer at the time. I absolutely loved the job and stayed there for about six or seven years.  I was responsible for hiring and firing staff, wining and dining existing and prospective clients, drumming up new business, and acting as my boss's right hand.

He was a brilliant photographer (this shot wasn't taken by him though, but by one of the junior photographers who was putting a portfolio together).  My boss could make a piece of machinery or a building look absolutely magical..he had an amazing talent.

He was also a complete scatterbrain and totally disorganised, which made my job all the harder.  When I first joined him, he was working with just one assistant, and his filing system and books were in a mess. I'm fortunately quite the opposite and I worked excessive hours sorting everything out, until the studio ran like clockwork.

I managed to get a lot more clients for him, and as a result employed more staff.  At the time I left, we had nine more employees.

I did reap benefits from all my hard work.  I had an expense account, petrol allowance, a kind of clothes allowance (to replace clothing that occasionally got splashed by chemicals in the dark room!), and I was paid well over the going rate at the time.

I recall in those days that you almost never heard people say "I can't/won't do that because it's not in my job description".   We just got on with it...we did anything that needed doing....even cleaning toilets and washing floors.  I even looked after my boss and his wife's first child for a whole weekend so they could have a break! 

The decision to leave was a difficult one.  I was pregnant with my first child.  I had been married for 11 years and had waited a long time for this moment.  My boss was reluctant to lose me and offered to pay for a full-time nanny so that I could continue to work for him.  It was tempting to accept, but in the end I decided that I really just wanted to stay at home with my baby.

And another thing about that reminded me that I love the colour red and that skirt was a real favourite of mine.  I won't say I wish I'd kept it, because I'd never get into it now!


  1. Great photo and story. We both had 'dream' jobs from the sound of it and I wonder if - like me - you still sometimes wish you had it still.

  2. FF: I had loads of jobs before I went into social work..some interesting, some boring, some best forgotten!
    I never wish I still had it but I do love the memories, which surface when I see an old photo such as this one.
    I wish I could still get into some of those old clothes though!!

  3. Great Image and a fabulous post! Love it, Ayak! xxx

  4. I loved this post, great pic too xx

  5. Thanks auntiegwen...I love old photos and memories don't you?

  6. It's a great photo. The colors and the pose, and especially the playful expression on your face are terrific.
    Thanks for sharing. I'd also love to hear more about your experiences in your work life.
    Looking back, I have also had so many different jobs, many were interesting but most of them were just desperate attempts to find money to pay the monthly bills. I only wish I could somehow go back in time and tell my former self that things were going to work out better than ok. If I had known that I would someday be living in sunny Turkey and have good friends that cared about me, I might have been able to shrug off many of the more frustrating events that happened. My only regret is that I couldn't have been more light-hearted and carefree.

  7. Nomad: Thanks. I'm waiting for more photos which may jog my memory so I can write about the jobs I had. So many..I've lost count, and like you they were mostly to pay the bills. My only regret is not finishing my education and having to study again later in life to achieve anything worthwhile. Most of my skills...such as they are...are self-taught which in those days were more acceptable than they are today.

  8. as I looked at the photo I thought "great skirt" x

  9. Lovely photo, it's great when you come across old photos you'd forgotten about.

  10. Lovely! Love the skirt! And the memories! Cs

  11. Ayak, love the photograph...he might have been the junior photographer but he certainly had's a lovely pose.

  12. Kelloggsville: Yes that skirt was so lovely.

    Monalisa: Yes it is. I'm looking forward to more.

    Stickhorsecowgirls: The memories are good ones..and the more I keep looking at that skirt..I wish I still had it!

    Fly: Thanks.He was a young American guy and in his free time he managed to get some assignments photographing bands and singers. I went along with him to two of them...the band called "Yes" and George Benson...and watched from backstage...very exciting.

  13. Totally agree, its a lovely photo. I was a bit like you too, I had fantastic jobs and totally rubbish jobs and it took me til I got diagnosed with dcm to actually go back to college and to get a qualification doing what I love, even though I had been doing it for many years. xx

  14. What a great story! The photo is fabulous! It's great to love a job - it makes it more fun than work. Good for you!

  15. Bomb: There is a positive side to studying later in life I think. When we're young we tend to take education for granted, as we get older we are more determined to learn.

    'Cross the Pond: Thanks. It's true..a job you really love doesn't seem like work.

  16. What a pretty picture. You look really pretty.
    And you know, leaving your job for your child, that is what asserts that you are a great mom.

    The advise you leave on my blog is sheer, 100% wisdom. I follow it, without giving second thoughts to it. And the things you say, they always prove to be true.
    You are a wonderful reader! :)

  17. Kaibee: What a lovely thing to say...I so appreciate your words.
    Thankyou sweetie xxx


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