Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Another trip to Mr Ayak's Hamam

I hopped on the bus yesterday to make another visit to Mr A's Hamam.   Although we chat everyday on the phone or webcam, I really miss him.  

Money is tight so I can't afford to make the journey too often, and he is so busy trying to drum up business that it's impossible for him to come home for the foreseeable future.

I spent some time on his laptop, sorting out his problems.  Yes...he's an even bigger computer numpty than I am!  He keeps messing up his Facebook account.  Deletes it in frustration and then has to start again, which means inviting friends again and editing his profile.  He still hasn't managed to work out how to upload photos so I've tried to show him.  I added some for him.  I don't think he's grasped it, so I guess there will be more to upload next time I visit. (And of course I was on my Facebook page too...following events of the weekend...see previous post!)

My back has been giving me problems again recently.  Of course this isn't helped by my moving the sitting room furniture around last week, and the daily weeding of the garden. I've been strongly reprimanded by Mr more moving of furniture...and I've been told to just leave the weeds alone...let them grow!

Mr Ayak suggested I had a massage.  Although Mehmet (Mr A's partner) is the qualified masseur, and they also have another guy, Davüt, who is also qualified, I still prefer Mr A's massages.   He's always been very good at massage, and working with Mehmet has improved his technique tremendously. 

It was a very good massage, using aromatic oils, followed by a deep heat lotion which really felt wonderful on my back.  Although at times my entire back aches, there is one spot in particular that seems to be the root of the problem.  Without telling Mr A where it was, he found it immediately, and says that I need to have regular massages, and that Mehmet would probably be the best person for the job.  Mr A is afraid he might do some damage if he continues. back does feel considerably better today.

He also thinks that I should spend a whole day there on a regular basis, and take advantage of the whole experience...massage, sauna, turkish bath, etc.   But it takes hours and I didn't have enough time yesterday.

Mr A had other plans for yesterday.  It was the last day of May...the last day of the first month of business.  He had decided that because I was there yesterday, that we (including Mehmet and Davüt) should all have lunch in the hotel restaurant.   These three men have lived on very little this past month...bread, cheese, pasta, rice....anything that is cheap and it was time for a little extravagance.

We had a delicious lunch.   The men ate a huge amount from the buffet...going back to refill their plates several times...not knowing when they might get another chance to eat so well!

Mr A had scraped enough money together to pay the rent on the personnel accommodation yesterday, and to give me a little money to cover my bus fare and buy some food.   These are difficult times, but he is so enthusiastic and optimistic that I am desperately hoping that business picks up.  It's the 1st June today..things have to get better from now on.....fingers crossed.


  1. I hope you have a great season xxx

  2. Oh it sounds wonderful to get these massages from time to time. I must say that the local physio helped my back enormously with her scented massages and also ultrasound - and as you know gardening solidly but gently has strengthened the muscles.

    Oh I so hope this venture does well - it deserves to because it sounds just what tourists would want. An authentic Turkish experience. Can't wait for you to get the whole works and then report back here


  3. FF: It is a popular tourist experience, and many hotels hav e their own hamam these days. Mr A's is fortunately the only one in the immediate area, which means he will hopefully get customers from adjacent hotels.
    I can't wait for the full experience and will certainly report back.
    I'm not giving up on the weeding..I'll do a bit each day...gently! Although there's a gale blowing today...very hot and dust flying I'm staying indoors.

  4. Hope business picks you say, if Mr. Ayak has the only hamam he should certainly get clients sent by other hotels.
    Crossing fingers....and for your back, too!

  5. Hope your back improves soon and that business picks up am keeping everything crossed for u xx

  6. Fly and Bomb. Thanks very much for your good wishes xxx


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