Thursday, 3 June 2010

The Cumbria Tragedy

No doubt many of you will have seen the news today about the shootings in villages in Cumbria, resulting in 12 people dead and 25 injured.

Incidents like these never fail to shock me to the core.  I will never understand what drives a seemingly ordinary man to commit murder indiscriminately on such a large scale.  No doubt we will learn over the next few days that this horrendous crime was committed whilst the "balance of his mind was disturbed".  Having worked in the mental health field, perhaps I should have some sympathy...or try to understand.  But I don't understand and I don't have sympathy.  In fact I feel angry that he ended up shooting himself.  It's the coward's way out.  Death is too easy...he should have lived and been made to suffer.  I'm sorry if I offend anyone by saying that...I'm just being honest.

I remember feeling the same about Dunblane and Hungerford.   I have a friend living in the Hungerford area, who although not directly involved, lost friends at the hands of Michael Ryan.  I know that the people of Hungerford still bare the scars.  How on earth can a community ever recover from something like this?

I hate guns.  The gun licensing laws, in my opinion, are just not strict enough.   Something really needs to be prevent yet another tragedy like this.

I'm not religious so I don't pray, but my heart goes out to the people of Cumbria tonight.


  1. There's no need to feel apologetic for having a strong opinion on this subject. Being an American, where guns are more easily available, I am appalled at the general attitude that having a gun is somehow a "right." The other day, I was informed by a gun activist (a woman too) that an AK-47 was a defensive weapon and was useful in hunting. It was not a joke, although I really had problems believing that she was serious. I pointed out that if Americans have the right to own arms then why not atomic bombs. She countered that atomic bombs are NOT defensive weapons- ignoring the fact that we told exactly that all through the Cold War. Of course, I don't want everybody to own a WMD. I was merely trying to point out how stupid the idea of everybody having a right to own arms actually is. Of course, it is quite pointless trying to convince those people.

  2. I'm with you on the anti-gun stance but I guess most sensible people are. The thing is as those tossers called hunters are still allowed a shotgun licence one could never achieve a blanket ban.

    I rather think the media is going to be stuffed full of analysts now droning on and on about the causes - whilst nobody really knows.

  3. Nomad and FF: Thankyou both of you for your comments. I personally think that guns should be banned altogether, except for use by the police, special agents and armed forces. Although I don't suppose that would actually stop people obtaining guns if they really wanted to. And FF ...I'm so against hunting of any kind...with or without guns...and I agree with you that a blanket ban would be impossible to achieve.

    I haven't time for media analysts FF...we hear their "expert" opinions every time there is a tragedy..they serve absolutely no useful purpose do they?

  4. Whilst I agree with you in principle, gun ownership isn't the actual problem. Our village has a gun ownership of some 50%, yet there are no problems of this kind. Saying that they are hunting rifles and the only time people get hurt is by accident.

    I used to be against hunting, but as we've already erradicated the natural predators of wild boar, deer, rabbits they would simply multiply and destoy the woods. Without hunting our woods would be gone. Also I feel less bad eating the meat of an animal that lived free all it's life than one reared in a cage.

  5. Heiko: I see your side as well. And there are people in our village with guns...and it's very rare to hear of anyone being injured.

    The thing I find most worrying is how easy it appears to obtain guns in the UK. Particularly disturbing is the number of youngsters who seem to be able to easily get their hands on guns.
    As far as is known, the gunman in Cumbria used a shotgun...used for hunting.

  6. *sigh* it's all too much and too upsetting to say a lot but I wanted you to know I've read your paost and agree (except the prayers bit! praying even if you're not religious yourself will help the people, so send them a prayer as well as your heart :0) )

  7. Kelloggsville. I understand what you're saying. Maybe its just the word "praying" that I feel uncomfortable with, because of it's religious connotations. But those people are in my heart and in my thoughts, and perhaps that's the same as praying to those who do pray? All I can say is that I wish with all my heart that they can get through the suffering and find some peace.

  8. Yes I agree, owning a gun should be restricted to people who are known to be sane and responsible.

  9. Monalisa: But how do we determine who is sane and responsible? Anyone can snap and go over the edge.

    Jan: Sometimes there just are no words x

  10. Who would have thought that this would happen in a quiet place like Cumbria?
    What a dreadful thing to do...... taking so many others with you in a fit of frenzy like that. It doesn't make sense.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  11. This is one man, totally off his chump.
    We automatically think he has to be to do such a a dreadful thing.

    So what do we make of governments sending troops into conflicts which do nothing to protect British people or their interests?
    Off their chumps likewise?

  12. Yes indeed Ayak, it is dreadful, I cannot get my head round it, we have already spoken of it, so we both know how we feel, guns should be banned, why on earth would anybody want a gun, that is the thing I cannot understand, guns hurt, kill, and I hate to think that innocent animals are hurt, never mind people.

    Beautiful picture, just beautiful, and you are still a lovely lady.

  13. Maggie: doesn't make sense

    Bomb: Yes very sad

    Fly: their chumps my opinion.

    Ann: As is so often the case, you and I think along the same lines, which is why we are such good friends.
    (Thanks for the comment re the pic xx)


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