Monday, 28 June 2010


I don't enjoy visiting the dentist....well I'm sure there aren't that many people who do actually ENJOY it!

I've always tried to look after my teeth.  When I lived in England I had a check-up every six months,  I brush them regularly and floss them.

However, I've been a bit neglectful of late.  Oh I still brush and floss, but I haven't visited a dentist anywhere near as often as I should have.  The reason is mostly because of all the moves we've made to different areas.  It takes me ages to find a dentist that I trust, and to my horror I realised this week that it was in fact 4 years since I last saw one. I hasten to add that Turkish dentists in my opinion are simply the best.  The technology is first class, and the hygiene standards amazing.  You cannot even enter the building without first putting on plastic covers over your shoes.  The problem with my putting it off  is to do with not settling in one place long enough...but mostly it's fear!

I have this recurring problem with a large tooth at the back of my mouth.  It has broken and been re-built three times over the years.  Most of the time it doesn't bother me, but occasionally I become aware of a jagged edge that causes me to bite the inside of my mouth when I'm eating.  I know I ought to have it removed, but some years ago I had a similar tooth on the other side of my mouth removed and it was such an ordeal.  The root is very curved and the dentist (in England) had great trouble removing it.  He ended up having to break it up and remove it in small pieces, and my face ended up swollen and bruised as a result.

So you can understand my reluctance to have this one out.  But this week the jagged edge has been bothering me again.  The tooth doesn't ache because it's dead but the skin around the tooth was incredibly sore.

This morning I caught the bus over to Mr Ayak's hotel, and he took me to a dentist who was recommended by his cousin's wife.  He was a lovely man, very kind and gentle...but the real plus point being that he spoke English.

It would appear that there is an abscess next to the tooth, which I suspected, but he is not keen to remove the tooth.  He thinks it will be more uncomfortable eating without it there.  But he agrees that it can't be filled or re-built anymore, and it would be best for it to be cut down and crowned.  He also discovered an infection in the gums at the bottom front of my mouth, so I am now on a course of antibiotics and a mouthwash, because he can't carry out any treatment until this and the abscess has cleared up.  In the meantime he did file down the jagged edge which has made it much more comfortable and I have an appointment for next Monday to sort out the problems.

So I have vowed today that I will never go this long again.  I really thought that my teeth were generally OK, but it just goes to show that even regular brushing and flossing is just not enough.

I just thought I'd mention...apart from the excellent dental treatment here, the cost is far cheaper than the UK.  In fact it's been possible for a few years now to book package dental holidays to Turkey.  You can have your flights, accommodation and all your dental treatment carried out for less than you would pay just for the treatment in England!

Although it's not really my idea of a holiday!


  1. I hate dentists too but the Turkish one sounds real good ... if a dentist can be good lol, hope the problems clear up soon with the antis and work can commence to sort the problem out. xx

  2. I had a very bad expereince with a dentist when I was growing up and it has left me with a real fear of them! I hadn't been to the dentist for....are you ready for this?.....15 years (eeek!!). I had a very nasty dream about all my teeth falling out so got Chris to make an appointment for me....god I was nervous!! Turns out all they needed was a clean and my only filling replaced! I don't think I have ever been so relieved in my life! (and you thought your four years was bad!!)

    C x

  3. Bomb: It's just a case of my finding one I feel comfortable with and this guy was really good.

    Carol: I know how you feel. Childhood experiences with dentists can scar you for life. I can remember my brother's fear of dentists as a child. He used to faint before he even got into the building.
    You are clearly lucky to have such healthy teeth. Some people are, and as such don't seem to need dental treatment. Teeth problems seem to run in my family, hence the reason I had previously been so regular with my check-ups.

  4. A lot of our problems with teeth and gums we can blame on heritary elements. I, unfortunately inherited my mothers' mouth problems. Contant dental attention required. My father never had a cavity his entire life and always had healthy gums.

  5. Oh gosh I hate visiting dentists too. My mom had to go through a treatment and it was awful. Makes me even more afraid. I hope things get better soon. And you should have regular check-ups! :D

  6. Abscesses are horrible, the worst pain I've experienced, so you're lucky that it's not been too bad. It'll be good to get it treated. Dental treatment in Spain is expensive :-(

  7. Charlotte Ann: Yes it's certainly does seem to run in families.

    Kaibee: Thanks...I will!

    Jan: Yes they are horrible and usually very painful. I think this one was caught before it developed too much so it's not so bad.

  8. Bad childhood experience really put me off until I was desperate, and, thank goodness, dropped on a super dentist and havenever looked back.
    Can't say I look forward to a session of being chatted to while I can only gurgle in return though.

    In Costa Rica medical and dental tourism is good business..poeple even hasve hotels for convalescents!

  9. Fly: It's so reassuring when you do find a dentist you feel you can trust. Although this was the first visit I instinctively knew he was going to suit me. And he didn't ask me questions while my mouth was open...I hate that too!

    With the cost of treatment in the UK I'm not surprised that other countries are taking advantage of it.


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