Saturday, 5 June 2010

Fruit and weeds

I'm trying desperately to keep the weeds under control but I am fighting a losing battle.   The picture below shows a patch of the garden that was clear of weeds three days ago...and just look at it now.  

My back is giving me problems and the weeding isn't helping.  Mr Ayak has told me to stop weeding...let them grow...and as soon as we can afford it we will get someone from the village to weed the garden on a regular basis.  There's always someone who wants to earn a few lira for a day's work.   We reckon that it would cost far more to repair my back in the long from now on I will try to ignore all the nasty stuff that grows in the garden and concentrate on watering the fruit trees, which are coming along nicely.

Here are some pics...not very clear ones I'm afraid...but you'll get the idea. 

 First the weeds:





The mulberry tree getting a bit out of control:

And finally this beautiful flowering plant that smells wonderful.  My brain is not working today.  I know the name of it but just can't remember ...I'm sure someone will remind me!


  1. Is it jasmine? I'm not sure though. Your back's definitely more important than the weeds. In any case, won't they die when it gets a bit hotter?

  2. Jan: I think it is jasmine...although because you are doubtful...I am too. I certainly hope the weeds will die when it gets hotter. Next door's chickens are enjoying them though!

  3. I think it's a sort of jasmine too but not the one we are used to in England. It would save you a lot of work if you could find something to mulch with - nextdoors chicken waste composted would be brilliant or anything really that smothers the weeds and hopefully feeds the soil.

  4. Rosie...yes that would be a good idea. Although I think my neighbour uses the chicken waste on her garden. No-one ever wastes anything here!


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