Friday, 11 June 2010

I can do dull...just give me a chance!

A storm has been brewing all day.  It's been so hot, sticky and humid and I was desperate to see some rain.   The sky was magnificent and I took my camera outside to get some shots.

When I went to get the usb cable to upload from my camera from the drawer where it is always kept, along with my camera, it wasn't there.  Oh great...just what I need.

Then the storm started.  The wind was quite vicious and glancing out of the window I could see that the metal poles holding the cover over the gazebo had collapsed, and it looked like the cover was about to take off like a hot air balloon.   So out I rushed, armed with sticky tape and string and attempted a temporary repair job. 

On returning to the house the electricity had gone off.  This always happens when there's a storm.  So I unplugged everything, to avoid the surge when it returned.   Ever since my modem exploded a couple of months ago after we were struck by lightening, I never take any chances.   So I used the time to search the whole house for the usb cable.  I emptied every drawer and cupboard in the house but it was nowhere to be found.  I even pulled out furniture, which resulted in my knocking over a coffee table and smashing a lovely onyx ashtray that was a present from a good friend of mine.

I made the third call today to Turk Telekom to find out why my new phone tariff was still not open, having waited two days for it to happen.  The first two calls resulted in my being unable to locate the Turk Telekom guy who speaks a little English and has tried his best to help.  Third time lucky and I managed to get hold of him.  He said he would check with someone about my phone line and call me back.

As I have mentioned before, for the past year I have only been able to make outgoing local national or international.   I changed the tariff on Wednesday to be able to do this.  Mr Helpful Telekom Man phoned back to say he had checked and that the person who had dealt with my change of tariff said that I had requested that the facility to make national and international calls be closed.   Hmmm...excuse me, I said.  How is it possible to close something that wasn't actually open in the first place?   Oh...he've got a must be our mistake.  So off he went to sort it out.  He phoned back to say that it was indeed their mistake and that the new tariff will be operational from 6.00pm today.   Aaaargh...why are they so stupid?

And now I really think I'm losing the plot.  The storm has moved on.  The electricity is back on.  I went to put my camera away in the drawer....and there was the usb cable staring me in the face!  How on earth did that happen?   I switched on my laptop, connected the cable....and guess what?  None of the shots I took are anywhere to be found on my camera.   I give up.

My laptop is still attached by cable to the modem, and my brother-in-law will help me to fix this problem.  I sent him a message yesterday.  He actually rang my mobile twice last night and I missed the calls.  It wasn't late but I was asleep.  I'm a pretty light sleeper so I always hear the phone, but I think the events of this week have taken their toll and I must have just crashed out with exhaustion....out for the count.

Oh...and I've had what I think are nuisance calls on my landline today.  Some Turkish guy who won't say who he is or what he wants, but is asking where I am.  He's only phoned twice but in my present state of mind, it's enough to freak me out. I just hung up both times and he hasn't phoned again thank goodness.  I don't have caller identity on my phone, nor do we have the 1471 facility here that they have in England.  And as far as I can make out there seems to be no system for reporting nuisance calls.  Mr A says not to worry about it...just to hang up.  He says I'm perfectly safe in this village and I know he's right.

My friend Ann made a comment on my blog today about my life never being dull. How right she is. But I'm getting just a bit fed up with it right now.

I can do dull...I want the chance to do dull.  I'd do just about anything for a bit of dullness right now.


  1. Dull would suit me just fine too...

    I know what you mean about the USB cable though...we hunted the kitchen out for the salt yesterday ...I mean, SALT for goodness' sake....without success, and then today it is sitting smugly by the toaster, where it always is.

    Poltergeists, that's what.

  2. After reading your last couple posts all I can say, your last couple days have been a prime example of Murphy's law. But come on now, one of these days you will be able to just sit back and laugh at all of it.

    This happens to us upon occasion, everything goes wrong or breaks down at once...we had one of those periods earlier this spring...glad it's over.

    Hang in there...

    By the way, we have great difficulties with our internet connection and provider too..I hate dealing with all that frustrating at times.

  3. You must be right Fly...I can think of no other explanation....well actually I can but it involves my being taken away by men in white coats!

  4. Mr H:

    I know you're right. Given time I will indeed laugh at it. Life can be frustrating at times but we always get through it.

    And...I've just checked and my phone is now working on it's new tariff...yay!

  5. Ayak..... your posts cannot ever be said to be dull. seems like you are faced with one darned thing after another. i would rant & scream!
    Your life is anything but dull.
    I really hope you get a dull day soon for your own sake. You must get exhausted with all the freak occurrences that you have.
    Maybe a naughty poltergeist took the cable & then returned it while you were not looking. He probably was responsible for the camera wiping off the photos too!
    Got to blame someone. Thats who we blame in our house *Someone*!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  6. don't worry about the photo...I closed me eyes and imagined it really it was fantastic!!!! Any chance you might just stay in bed tomorrow?!

  7. Maggie: was definitely "someone".

    Kelloggsville: That's not a bad idea..I might just do that!

  8. Only one explanation. Elves. Some of my days are spent looking for things. One thing right after the other and it will drive me nuts until I find whatever it is. The lost objects all seem to be lost on the same day, so I am going with elfin mischief.
    By the way, I went out to my balcony yesterday. Looked south-southeast and saw the tops of massive thunderheads-just the tops. Later in the night, I could see the flashes of lightning. That was YOUR storm too.
    About your nuisance caller. I had a similar problem. I made all my calls to my land line forwarded to my cell phone (which had caller ID) and was able to track the number easily. What a shock it was for that poor perv when I called him back and asked him WTH he thought he was playing at. I told him I would be giving his number to the police and THAT, suffice to say, was THAT.

  9. Nomad...elves ...yes I think that's it.
    Good idea about forwarding the calls...solved the problem. My nuisance caller hasn't called again thank goodness. I know they're usually pretty harmless but I don't like it.


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