Saturday, 19 June 2010

I really should be more grateful.....

...for goodness sake, why was I complaining earlier today about a new vacuum cleaner and loads of food!

The vacuum cleaner was presented to me with a flourish.  OK I'm still being a little cynical..because I just know it was given to impress.  But I AM grateful, because it's a lovely little piece of machinery...lightweight and not so much strain on my back. 

Mr Ayak,  Derya and her husband (sorry...I keep forgetting his name) struggled in with so many bags of food shopping, that I lost count.  The kitchen floor was covered in shopping bags and it took me ages to unpack and try to force everything into the fridge, freezer and cupboards.    There were two enormous chickens, lamb chops, spare ribs, six large steaks, minced beef, chicken portions in a barbecue sauce, and 10 packs of chicken livers for the dogs.   Not to mention, 6 cartons of fruit juice, 2 x 200mg packs of coffee, 8 cartons of milk, half a dozen bottles of coca-cola and fanta, and enough vegetables and salad stuff to feed the entire village....oh and loads of other things as well.

As I suspected, Mr Ayak was out to impress.....Well I was certainly impressed!  It was a bit like Christmas to be honest.  He made a point of saying that he hoped this would last me a couple of weeks...more like a couple of months at least!  I've probably mentioned before just how expensive meat is here.  I was shocked at the prices on the packets.  The cost of the meat alone would have bought enough basic food to last me for months.

BUT....I'm going to enjoy all this wonderful food and try not to think about what sort of effect this shopping spree will have on Mr Ayak's finances.  After all...the gesture clearly made him happy.

Fortunately, we had a barbeque, so we used up half of the barbeque chicken and spare ribs, and even though I made an enormous bowl of salad, there's still about 5 kilos of tomatoes left, together with 3 lettuces, peppers and spring onions.

I've managed to freeze  most of the meat, but I will probably share the vegetables and salad with my neighbours, because it won't last for too long.

The strange thing is that I have been longing for some really nice food for weeks, and now my fridge and freezer are absolutely crammed...I don't actually feel hungry....It must be the shock!


  1. All your talk of food is making me "think" I'm hungry.
    I'm actually full and trying very hard to only eat when truly hungry.
    Have you considered making a sauce with the tomatoes, peppers and onions and then freezing the sauce for later?

  2. There's another positive to all's not as if Mr. Ayak is acting out of character...normally being mean and depriving you and then bursting out with good things just because his family arrive.
    I bet he'd love to do it for you all the time.

    At least sharing the veg is also a way of giving something back to your kind neighbours.

    Still, it would probably have me gritting my teeth a bit too!

  3. I've just read your two posts about the vacuum cleaner and the food and the impending visit by the cousins.
    I think I should find it very difficult to have to pretend that everything is wonderful. We do seem to be a culture that tells things as it is, don't we?
    Lets hope the visit goes well........
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  4. Oh Ayak.. just for a while just clear your mind of everything and live in the moment. Just clear of all the worries and enjoy the moment.

    Maybe, the reason you are not tempted is that somewhere at the back of your mind you are still worried.

    I am happy to hear though that things worked out. Enjoy the food for the rest of the days! :)

  5. If it's any help, last year I froze loads of tomatoes whole and used them in stews (although that's no good in the summer) and pasta dishes, but no good if your freezer's full!

  6. Gifts: Yes I do make a sauce with tomatoes and freeze it...I'll have to eat my way through the mountains of meat first though to make some space in the freezer!

    Fly: Yes you're right of course..he'd love to do it all the time. I've given a huge bag of aubergines to Şevke this morning. Mr A forgets I don't like them!
    My teeth are no longer gritted!

    Maggie: Yes we do find it difficult. The visit did go very well. Mr A's cousin and her husband are very good company.

    Kaibee: Thankyou for your kind words...and I am indeed trying to stop worrying!

    Jan: I've never tried freezing them whole..maybe I'll do that when I can find a space!

  7. Can we come around for dinner? Our freezer and fridge are rather empty. Mustn't grumble though, there's plenty veg growing on the land!

  8. Heiko...If you lived a bit closer you would be more than welcome! My freezer is so used to being empty. I'm just hoping we don't get a lengthy power cut now...or I will have to invite the entire village to help me eat it all.


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