Tuesday, 29 June 2010

It's still cheaper to holiday in Turkey!

Sometimes (not often) I love the Daily Mail.   Tourism in Turkey needs a bit of a boost at the moment and this is just the job!

This article appears in today's edition.

And here are some pics of Bodrum just to tempt you:


  1. We sat down to eat dinner and flipped the TV on last night. Some show called "The Bachelorette" was on and we watched it because they were filming it in Turkey...what a beautiful country you live in.

    We looked for you in the background but did not see you anywhere.:)

  2. Mr H: It truly is a beautiful visit and your hooked!

    Oh sorry I wasn't in the background...I expect I was busy indoors making jam ;-)

  3. great article thanks for posting the link :)

  4. We loved our visits to Turkey...wonderful places to visit and super people.
    Even with a package tour...just get out past the barbed wire enclosure of the hotel and take a dolmus into town...then you're free as a bird to sort out your own excursions for a lot less money!

  5. It's on my list of places I really want to visit...I will get there one day!

    C x

  6. I came to Turkey to Marmaris several years ago but didnt see anywhere else in the country. I wish I had got to know it better xx

  7. Jamie: Hi...thanks and you're welcome!

    Fly: I absolutely really have to get out and about here...there's so much to see and NEVER book tours with the holiday reps...local companies are much cheaper...and the dolmuş cheaper still.

    Carol: It will be well worth it!

    Bomb: There's always another time!

  8. I'm back in touch with a much-loved cousin of mine through Facebook and the other night while chatting I discovered that she is addicted to Turkey and visits regularly. I was once advised by a fellow traveller to India, 'whatever you do, don't miss Turkey'. It's definitely on my 'to do' list, Linda. Maybe one day...

  9. If you really want to experience the beautiful coast between Bodrum and Fethiye, try a package holiday on a Gulet - the turkish wooden ships. It is much cooler on the sea even at high season, the turkish crew is incredibly friendly, the food is great and the people that like these trips are all friendly and open. I must know, I have done it at least 12 times since 1990 :)

  10. Gaelikaa...It is addictive..lets hope you get the chance to visit one day xx

    Johanna: Hi. Good recommendation. I've never done a gulet trip but I have friends who have and they rave about it.

  11. It is no doubt about it, the most beautiful place.
    Unfortunately, we cannot go abroad because the insurance for 2 cancer sufferers would be astronomical!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  12. Maggie: Yes of course it would be...I hadn't thought of that. What a pity xxx

  13. Oh I've always wanted to go to Turkey and will at least get to spend a day in Istanbul this coming October :)
    But boating the Turkish coast is on the top of my wanderlist!

  14. Hi Beryl and welcome. The Turkish coastline is beautiful so well worth planning a trip. Enjoy your day in Istanbul.

  15. I have to confess that Turkey is number one on my list of countries to be day I hope!

  16. Hi Ayak
    I really enjoyed reading your post! Im visiting Istanbul in a few weeks for a week; are there any things you recommend I MUST do? Such a shame Im not going to the Turkish coast :(

  17. Kerry: I hope you get to won't regret it.

    CitiBitch...Welcome! Well I'm not an expert on Istanbul, but I would say that the Blue Mosque is a must. Even if you are here for a week you still have time to visit the coast. The domestic flight service from Istanbul to absolutely anywhere in the country is good and not expensive. There are often deals to be had too if you search on line.
    Enjoy your stay.


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