Friday, 4 June 2010

It's worth complaining

You may recall that I was having a bit of a battle trying to get a refund on my flights to England.  I should have travelled on 18th April and returned on 2nd May.  The 18th April flight was cancelled due to the volcanic ash.

I had the choice to go on standby or to settle for a refund.  Knowing that my friends who were also travelling back to England around this time, had gone on standby, which necessitated their travelling to the airport each day for a week, before they finally got a flight...I decided that a refund was the best option.

I also cancelled the 2nd May return flight from England, because I obviously didn't need it.  But the agent informed me that as it was ME who was cancelling this flight, I wouldn't be entitled to a refund.  (It was a non-refundable flight).  

I could have accepted this...but I didn't.   I emailed them...several times.  I kept receiving automated responses so I just kept emailing them until I got a REAL response.   Which was that they would apply to Turkish Airlines for a refund of the taxes only...the best they could do under the circumstances.  I was also informed that I would have to wait up to 3 months for any refund.   This actually makes me really annoyed.  How is it that when you book flights on line, the money is taken immediately?   It's just down to a couple of clicks isn't it?   So how come refunds can't be handled in the same way?  So I emailed them again to express my disapproval.

I received a to my account...a couple of weeks ago.  It was the total refund for the 18th April flight.   I waited until the beginning of this week and I emailed the agent again to remind them that I still hadn't received a refund of the taxes for the 2nd May flight.

Today I received another refund.   Not just the taxes...but almost the full cost of the flight...less 13 pounds which I guess would be an admin fee.

Thankfully these two refunds have more than covered the cost of the flight I booked to go to England on 6th to 23rd May.

It was my dear brother who advised me to just keep inundating them with emails.  He was convinced that they would get so fed up that they would just pay me to go away.

I took his worked! 


  1. Good for you, persistence paid really did deserve that refund after all.

  2. Thanks Mr H. I'm not sure that I would have persevered quite so much if we weren't so broke!

  3. That's fantastic Ayak, well done!

  4. I am really pleased for you. It often works to keep nagging when the firm owes you money. Glad it paid off.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. So glad it for a few more positive money things to happen...

  6. Jan, Maggie and Fly: made my day!

    Fly...yes I do need some more positive money things to happen...but I see this refund as a positive sign!

  7. Good for you.

    It is easy to let these things go, but so satisfying when you win.

  8. I think this is a signal that your fortunes are turning around. Well done on the persistence.

  9. I agree with FF...these things tend to go in cycles.
    Fingers crossed.

  10. Nice to see you got what you rightly deserved xx

  11. Thanks everyone...I certainly hope it's a sign of better things to come xx


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