Monday, 7 June 2010

Live Traffic Feed

I installed the widget (don't you just love that word?) for Live Traffic Feed on my blog, shortly after I started writing it.

It absolutely fascinates me.  I check it every day and am always amazed to see visitors from all over the world.  These aren't just people who are listed amongst my regular Followers.  By now I recognise most of my regulars' visits because I've got to know where they live by reading their blogs. 

I find it very exciting to spot a visitor from some far away land, often somewhere I've never been but would love to visit.  I often wish they would comment...just to say hello...because if they also blog, I'd love to visit them and find out all about their life and their country.

I love it.  What's your favourite widget?


  1. I follow you through Google Reader and although I don't always comment I do read your posts

  2. Giftsofthejourney: Thankyou. I'm so glad you commented because I also "thought" I was following your blog. I have you on my sidebar and also on my dashboard for new notifications. I just popped over to your blog and only just realise that I have to register with my email address for regular updates. There was me thinking you hadn't posted for a while as nothing new appeared on my dashboard.
    So...problem solved, and I'll be going back to your's to catch up!

  3. Oops ignore the previous comment. My mistake. I have you on my sidebar but for some strange reason not on my wonder I wasn't getting updates. Anyway problem solved!

  4. I love to see who reads my blog and where they come from and I wish people would leave a comment too only because like you I would love to know more abot their life, I find it so interesting xx

  5. Well, you'll know appears as San Jose Costa Rica! Mr. Fly's cousin's sons kindly set up the computer to think it is in Costa Rica so that we could watch cr television....we hadn't the heart to tell them that we would rather eat live cockroaches than watch cr television!
    I'm trying to change it back, but I think I need one of your advanced lessons!

  6. Bomb: I agree it's fscinating

    Fly: OMG don't ask me for an advanced lesson. I haven't even finished the beginners book yet! you're the one "in" Costa Rica then?

  7. It might not always be me because an American friend living there loves your blog too...
    It was kind of the kids, but I do wish people would ask first before doing 'favours'....

  8. I use Feedgit to track with - the thing is that so many people these days use a proxy you can never be too sure where people really are (myself included)

  9. I love finding out who visits my blog...always fasinates me that people want to read the drivel that usually flows from my mind onto the screen!!

    I thought I had you on my sidebar but you seems to have vanished...must go rectify that!

    C x

  10. maybe I'll start flying around to confuse you!

  11. I feel the same way about seeing where my visitors are coming from. There is a spinning globe on my site that shows in real-time and if I post a comment with a link at Huffington Post, it is like watching popcorn cook! It can be startling to get hundreds of people coming to your site all at once. (Of course, they never stay long.)I sort of feel like people who operate those diners along the highways in Turkey when the cross-country buses pull in. Here is more of a useful tool- as opposed to an interesting one. This can give you very detailed information about which pages your visitors looked at and how long they stayed there and from where they came from. I mean, from which site they found YOUR site. And it's free and the icon is quite innocuous.

  12. I'm off to investigate statcounter!

  13. You've got me at it now...

  14. Sorry to go off topic but I have a question, Ayak. Can you go to my site and see if things look normal? None of the pictures loaded from my desktop onto my blog are appearing for me. The videos are down too so maybe the government has managed to blog Youtube again but I can't understand the photos from my desktop.
    If this is due to the government ban, I am thinking about quitting blogging altogether. It is too frustrating to be censored all the time about the rather mundane things I choose to comment on.

  15. hi Ayak, im one of your stalkers.. lol! all the way from singapore! I was in istanbul for my honeymoon and fell in love with the place. Then i started reading istanbulis/turkish blogs, bloghopped to a couple more blogs and that's how i landed on yours :) Btw, Billy is so adorable!

  16. Fly: I know what you of the reasons why I never allow anyone (and particularly Mr A) to use my laptop!

    FF: I can't be doing with proxys (or is that "ies"?). Anyway I'd just confuse myself more than I already am!

    Carol: Yes I am also amazed that people want to read my stuff...but it's nice isn't it?

    Kelloggsville: I'm very easily confused!

    Jan and Monalisa:

    It's addictive isn't it?

    Nomad: As you now know I've been offline all week...but I'll have a look today. Don't quit...we shouldn't let them win!

    L: A warm welcome to my blog...and happy stalking!
    Thanks for your comment, and in particular about Billy...he is gorgeous...says a very biased and proud grandmother!


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