Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The new generation of bloggers

This is an award for two very special girls.  Mel at, and Kaibee at

Mel lives in India, and Kaibee lives in Pakistan.

They are both in their teens and at school....studying hard (most of the time!) and going through all those familiar experiences and emotions that are a distant memory to most of us.

I love the way blogging covers all age groups, all continents and all cultures.  And I particularly like the fact that this new generation of bloggers are a sign that blogging is going to be around for a long long time.

Both Mel and Kaibee prove that it is possible to close the generation gap, and that we all have something interesting to say and to read about, whatever our age.

The award comes with no conditions, other than for you both to post it up on your blog, with my thanks for being loyal followers, and with the hope that you will continue with your blogs for many years to come.


  1. Thanks a lot for your kind words, Ayak. I am very touched. *dabs tear from eye * lol

    Love you and your blog, both! xxx

  2. Ayak, that's a great tribute your young blogging friends. Both of them are wonderful girls.


  3. That is a lovely post Ayak and your absolutely right! Isn't blogging bloomin brilliant :-)

    C x

  4.'re welcome sweetie and thanks xx

    Gaelikaa..they most definitely are!

    Carol: It certainly is opens up a whole new world doesn't it?

  5. I'd like to think all our blogs will be around for ever but I guess in the future, when computers are obsolete and something the size of a penny has replaced them, that all our words could disappear. But that is a long time hence and I like to think that Billy's grandchildren will read about his exploits on your blog.

  6. FF: I hope it will be a long time before that happens. I'd settle for Billy being able to read all this when he's older. I rather like that thought.

  7. French Fancy got there first....I'd love to think of Billy being able to read about how much his grandmother loves him.
    Mark you, howe soon before he starts blogging must bein the blood.

    Your two young ladies have super blogs...I enjoy dipping in from tiem to time.

    Thank you for introducing them.

  8. Fly: I'd like to think of Billy blogging. My daughter writes very well but I can't persuade her to start a blog..I don't think she really has the time anyway.

    Mel and Kaibee are lovely..a credit to their generation.


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