Saturday, 26 June 2010

Satisfying Saturday

It's been a lovely day today.  The weather hasn't been so hot for the past few days which  makes it more comfortable to do housework,and spend sometime sitting outside.

We have one fairly small plum tree and this is the first year it has borne fruit.  I noticed yesterday that some of the plums were dropping off the tree...much to the amusement of Beki and Poppy who decided to play with them.   Having got bored with rolling them about they started to eat them.  I'm not too bothered about them eating a couple but I don't think it's wise for them to eat too many so I decided to pick them today.  They are still quite hard and there were a fair number that had been attacked by maggots (Mr A refers to them as worms).  So after sorting out the good ones I decided to make some jam.  I've also made about a litre of puree which is lovely with natural yogurt or icecream and  it freezes well.

Mr Ayak borrowed a car and came home for a few hours today...with more bags of shopping (as if I needed more!).  But he had no-one to impress but me so he bought basic, practical stuff like washing powder, eggs, vegetables etc.

He was going to do some more work in the garden because he's worried that I can't cope with it,  but I insisted that he just relax.  So we had lunch together and chatted about the business and how it's doing.  It's going pretty well, and he has been able to pay a lot of the bills for the business.  He also settled the balance due on some work that was done in the house last year.  It always amazes me how often Turkish businesses will do work for you, accept half the money and then are happy to wait for six months for the rest!   He paid this month's rent on the personnel accommodation, and bought an inexpensive printer to use with his laptop.  This will save on printing costs of leaflets etc.

Money is going out as fast as it comes in...but at least it is coming in.  Our personal debts will just have to wait a little longer...but we can at least see a light at the end of the tunnel at last!  Inshallah!

And finally, having had a usb cable attached to my laptop, like an umbilical cord, for the past two weeks, my brother-in-law contacted me this afternoon to sort out my wireless connection.   He has been so busy with work and has also had exams so didn't have time until now.   When he phoned today he was on the bus to Istanbul to see his girlfriend.  He had his laptop with him and as they have internet on the buses  he was able to take control of my laptop and after half an hour or so of what appeared to be an extremely complicated procedure (to me anyway!) I was finally connected and could cut the umbilical cord....freedom at last!

It's now 8.30pm.  I've just finished watering the garden and I'm about to settle down to watch some more football.

All in all...a very satisfying day.


  1. That jam looks delicious....
    So pleased the business is starting to pull could do with that light at the end of the tunnel!

  2. Made plum jam myself today, Our puppy loves plums... and cherries... and stawberries... and cat pooh... which just goes to show. he'll just eat anything and nothing seems to hsve any ill effect on him. His own poohs are just full of cherry stones!

  3. We got loads of strawberries this year, made 2 pots of jam. I just love the smell of it cooking.

    Glad to hear the business is going well.

  4. Fly: I certainly could! And the jam is delicious!

    Heiko: I don't like jam too sweet so I am careful with the sugar and add lemon juice. I like a slightly sour taste.
    Oh pups will eat anything...unfortunately...but they grow out of it. Apparently its ok for them to eat dried cow's poo..full of nutrients...I think it was my friend Ann who told me this. Yuk..better change the subject!

    Monalisa: Yes I also like the smell of jam cooking. I'm busy collecting jars and patiently waiting for the figs to ripen so I can make jam and chutney.

  5. I have made some great plum jam in the past. I might have given up after a few notable bad batches of lemon marmalade. I added too much of the jelling powder and it tasted just plain wretched. If I ever try it again, I will need to remember that a teaspoon is quite enough and if it doesn't set rock solid then it isn't the worst thing. I already know what the worst thing is.

    I think the idea of tangerine marmalade STILL.. despite all the mess I created last time.. sounds wonderful. On toast? with strong coffee?

    If you feel adventurous you can find a lot of super jam, jelly and marmalade recipes online.

  6. Yeah baby, life is getting better for you, and not before time, you both deserve it.

    Enjoy, pig out, until you can eat no more, freeze until the freezer is full, and I know you will share with the neighbs, because they have been so good to you.

  7. Nomad: I've never made marmalade..maybe I'll get round to it. I used to make lots of chutney, mostly with green tomatoes, which was lovely. I made some delicious peach jam a couple of years ago, and last year loads of fig jam. Unfortunately I didn't sterilise the jars properly and it went off and had to be thrown away. I'll know better this year.
    I also had some disasters with I don't use it at all now. I was told (probably by one of my bloggers..Heiko I think?) that natural pectin can be found in apples and also grapes, but I've not used them. The plum jam I made yesterday has set OK..not solid..but enough...just the way I like it.

  8. Ann: Thankyou xxx I have to admit I'm enjoying the food, now I've recovered from the shock and regained my appetite. And my stress levels are down, now that I know things are going reasonably well with the business.

  9. My aunt- bless her soul- used to have frozen peaches in her freezer all year long. She would served them over vanilla ice cream but the ice cream was unnecessary.

    She would slice them thinly and add a little sugar. Bags and bags of them and no matter what season, you could enjoy the taste of a fresh peach. I suppose there was a lot of work involved with the peeling and pitting. (They were free stone type maybe.) I haven't the patience and by the time I am finished peeling and pitting and slicing, I am covered in bits of peach with peach juice all over my glasses and have about a tablespoon in a zip-lock bag.

  10. Nomad..ıt's the preparation that I find quite tedious. Because these plums were very hard, I didn't bother to pit them first. I put them in the pan whole with sugar and lemon juice and the tiniest amount of water and boiled them. Then when it had cooled down, it was much easier to remove the stones. Then I reboiled before putting into the sterilised jars...voila! If I had tried to take the stones out first I'd still be here today doing it!

    The frozen peaches sound good. I've frozen the puree I made yesterday, and I've also tried an experiment..whisking some of the puree together with half-fat milk to see if it will turn into icecream! I'm stirring it every few hours...and so far so good!

  11. Sounds a real satisfying day and glad you got to spend time with hubby. You could always try making Eton Mess with the puree as long as you have ingredients to make the merinques its lovely and u can freeze it. xx

  12. What a nice day! Plum jam looks amazing.

  13. So pleased that things are going well with the Hotel Business. Also that Mr Ayak came back to see you with more groceries.
    Those plums looked delicious. I like the sound of the puree to be eaten with ice-cream etc. Yum.

    I don't understand what your brother in law did with his laptop...... I am not technically minded. However so pleased that you are now on line properly without the umbilical cord.
    Things do work out in the end :-)
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  14. Bomb: Oh yes...eton mess..what a good idea!

    'Cross the Pond: It is quite delicious...even if I do say so myself!

    Maggie...Thanks, I feel more positive about how things are going now.
    I'm not technically minded at all Maggie which is why I have to get my brother in law to help. He gave me a link to a site, which I download, give him a password and then he just takes control of my laptop ..using his laptop wherever he is. Isn't it just amazing. I can't help but sit with my mouth open as the cursor scoots around the screen without me touching it!

  15. The jam sounds good, as does the fact that you've lost the umbilical cord! Jasper's weakness is figs and, when I'm down on the veg patch, he can be found looking for figs under the trees... all year, even in winter!

  16. Jan: Oh yes figs...Poppy likes them but Beki's not so keen.


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