Saturday, 12 June 2010

So...who's watching the World Cup?

Well I thought I may not be able to watch England's first game tonight.  We no longer have a television.  I watch a UK TV website on subscription but even though I was reconnected to the internet on Thursday...albeit with the radio signal off, and with a usb cable joining the laptop to the modem, I haven't been able to get connected to the site.  

I decided to get the bus over to Mr Ayak's hotel to watch it on a large TV which Mr A's cousin has installed in his bar in the hotel opposite, for the English tourists staying there.   I was getting ready to catch the last village bus at 6.00pm when we had another storm.  More thunder and lightening and a heavy downpour.  Apart from the fact that I didn't relish the idea of getting drenched, Mr A would have had to bring me home on the back of the motorbike after the match...and it's a journey of an hour.   Sensibly I decided against it.

I resigned myself to the fact that whilst everyone else would be watching the match, I would most likely just be gazing out of my window at the storm.

I decided to give the website one more go...about an hour ago...and woohoo...I have a picture...and sound.   Just in time for the game!  OK it's a bit jittery and freezes from time to time (hopefully it won't when England score!)  but it's better than nothing.

So are there any other football fans out there?   Are you watching the World Cup?   Do you just watch your own team out of a sense of patriotism?  Or do you get drawn into the whole event?  Do you watch football regularly, and if so which team do you support? 

Me?  I've been a lifelong supporter of West Ham.  Although since I've lived here I have to own up to having lost track of how they are doing these days.   I love the World Cup and the European Championships, and even though I start out just intending to watch and support England, I find myself getting absorbed by the whole thing, and end up watching lots of other matches too.   I also support Turkey when they play international matches, but unfortunately they didn't qualify this time.   Mr Ayak supports Fenerbahçe, and he, like most Turks are absolutely passionate about football.   There's nothing quite like the atmosphere after Turkey have won a match, when everyone takes to the streets in their cars, waving flags and sounding horns.

Well it's almost time for I'm off now to watch.


  1. I was going to watch it, but got fed up with the preamble, so now we're watching something else and switching over now and again for the score! I'm not a football fan, but I do like to follow when England are playing.

  2. Here they severely restricted free viewing of the World Cup. Italian TV blanks out when it comes to matches on my satelite dish and I used to be able to see them on German channels here, but they switched so they I can't get them for the duration of the World Cup. So this will be th first World Cup since 1970 that I won't be able to watch... Sign of the times :(

  3. Jan: I can't stand all the preamble either...I'm only interested in the game.

    Heiko: This is the site that I use
    You can watch it for a little while for free after downloading but then you need to subscribe. It costs 9.95 dollars a month but its well worth it in my opinion. It's cheaper than the rate I was paying for Digiturk. There are also loads of free world channels you can view. Its quick and easy to download and you can watch immediately.

  4. I took the dogs out for a walk. It was bliss there was nobody out at all!!!

  5. I like rugby and am a fan of cricket, but football does not do it for me..still, I know if France has won anything because I can hear la Marseillaise being sung at top volume at all the nearby noise at all after their encounter with Uraguay.

  6. Kelloggsville:'s a good time to get some peace and quiet away from the TV if your not a football fan.

    Fly: And I have never been able to get enthusiastic about rugby or cricket.

    I'm rather sad that Turkey didn't qualify because I do love the atmosphere everywhere when they play and the enthusiasm of the fans.

  7. Em, did you watch, now you know I am a Scot, and there is rivalry, and we don’t have a team in the World Cup, now that would be because we are crap, not saying a word about Engerland.

    Well said a bit more in my email to you ha! Grabs coat and runs out of house.

  8. You told me about filmon before. I've had my free watch time and I'm not prepared to pay 9.95 a month (besides I have no plastic to be able to pay anything on-line). I'm really pissed off because I pay Italian TV licence, but there's only one game per day on the national channels and that gets blanked out for me.

  9. Ann: No don't say a word...and yes run quickly ;-)

    Heiko: Oh yes I remember now that I told you about it (sorry memory's not as good as it used to be). I haven't had time to look but I wonder if its being shown on any of the Film-on free world channels..might be worth having a search.
    I thought long and hard about paying the subscription but as I had been paying more for my Digiturk sub and not even watching it, I cancelled Digiturk and we got shot of the TV. Now I can justify it. Pity you couldn't somehow manage to subscribe for just one month to watch the World Cup? I only ever pay my subscription monthly, because if I'm in England for a couple of weeks, as I was recently, I don't subscribe again till I get back.

  10. I watched England last night, say no more lol. I have always loved football but cant say I found it very inspiring last night, both son number one and hubby number one were footballers (only local and county level)and thats all my life used to consist of years ago. Arsenal was always my favorite, mainly because of Thierry Henry when he was there hehehehehehe but sadly hes gone, and my local team is pretty rubbish xx

  11. I am not a huge football's just something that I never got into!! Chris watches it every-so-often but he doesn't really support any team so it's not something we do regularly.

    Glad you got to see the game

    C x

  12. Neither of us are fans of footie but I did use to sit and watch sometimes with my parents. My dad -as a north Londoner - supported Liverpool for some reason and we used to cheer them on.

  13. Bomb: I wasn't too impressed by the match either. Oooh Thierry Henry is lovely isn't he?

    Carol: Yes although it wasn't a brilliant game I'm glad I got to see it. My connection is still not good so I'm hoping it may have improved by Friday.

    FF: I don't know why both my brothers, my first husband and I have always supported West Ham. It's not as if any of us ever lived in London.

  14. Normally I don't give a toss about football but I must admit to being much more patriotic over the World Cup.
    So far there has been a sort of apathy. Most of the players don't like the new ball design and many have said they don't like the sound of the horns (don't know what they call them) and they do sound like a swarm of hornets advancing. Very off putting.
    I watched Japan/ Cameroon this afternoon and was pleased that Japan won for the first time. ( Because of my granddaughters & the other grandma & granddad over there.)
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  15. Hello Ayak! I'll watch the footy but only if England or France are playing and it's the world cup, none of the other smaller games will cut it. Surprisingly I can get quite into it although I admit to falling asleep during the France game :( Hubby insists on watching as many matches as he can which drives me mad.

    Oh, and I have to watch without sound as I CANNOT stand those South African trumpets that sound like a million bees. Instant headache for me!

  16. Maggie: Those horns drive me mad too. Yes I was also pleased to see Japan win...good for them.

    Hi Piglet: I do find international games much more exciting I must admit. Oh those damn horns! There has been talk of banning them but the South Africans just won't have it. It's been part of their football tradition for years. It must be off-putting for the players who aren't used to it though.

  17. I use digiturk but not really worth it as you say. My Turkish friends either are Fererbahce or Galatasary, I'm sure there must be more teams but those are the only 2 I've heard of xx

  18. auntiegwen: I just got so fed up with Digiturk...far too many repeats, and apart from Eastenders, nothing current (and even Eastenders is two weeks behind the UK) so I just got shot of it.
    Beşiktaş also seems to be a very popular Turkish team.


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