Thursday, 17 June 2010

Tagged back

I recently tagged 5 bloggers with 10 questions.  One of these was Kaibee, a really sweet young girl whose blog is all about her life in Karachi, Pakistan.   Well, dear Kaibee has tagged me back and I've promised to answer her questions.   But don't worry...I won't be tagging anyone else with 10 more questions...because I've run out of ideas.

So here you are Kaibee...your questions and my answers:

1. Do you have a tattoo? If you don't would you like to get tattooed one day?

No I don't have one, nor would I have one, because I really don't like them...and it looks painful!

2. What is your guilty pleasure?

Cadbury's chocolate

3.What is that one thing you would really like to do before you die?

Ah...there are lots of things I'd like to do before I die, but I'm not sure I'll get the chance.  Mostly, there are countries that I'd like to visit.  In particular China, India, New Zealand...oh lots more!

4. If you get a chance to meet one of your blog readers, who would you like to meet and why?

I wouldn't actually mind meeting any of my blog readers.  I couldn't really choose one in particular.  They all seem like really interesting it would be lovely to meet any of them.

5.If you get a chance to live the life of one of the characters you have read in a book. Which character would you choose and why?

Oh this is a difficult one.  I think probably it would be Agatha Christie's Miss Marple.  Such a gentle character, very refined, and brilliant at solving murders...completely unlike me! (the refined bit is completely unlike me.. not the solving of murders!)

6.Name that one book or movie or piece of art or music, that you think should be burned.

I would never want to burn books, movies, or music, but there is one piece of so-called art that should have been burned, and that's Tracey Emin's "My Bed" which was shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 1999.   It was disgusting and embarrassing.

7. What is the sweetest, most heart-stopping thing anyone has ever said to you. You can also mention who said it! :D

It was said many years ago by Mr Ayak.  I'm older than him and the age difference used to bother me.  It doesn't anymore, and it's never bothered him.  But I once said to him "What would happen in the future if I became ill and ended up in a wheelchair, what would you do?"  And he answered, without any hesitation, and quite seriously "Well I'd just push you around in it wouldn't I?"

8. What is that one thing that never fails to make you cry or smile?

Seeing my grandson Billy and my daughter Stella.  They always  make me smile, and I sometimes cry because I miss them.

9. Describe yourself in one word.


10. Dark chocolate, Milk Chocolate or white chocolate?

Milk Chocolate...preferably Cadburys.

11. -Optional- If you were a season, which one would you like to be?

Spring. that's more tags for a while!


  1. Oh, Ayak, what a dear man Mr. Ayak is!

  2. Spring... I love spring! <3 xxx

  3. What a lovely answer from Mr Ayak.

  4. Awww, loved your answers to these!! Mr Ayak sounds like a real gem :-)

    C x

  5. Thanks everyone....Mr A does say some lovely things sometimes...but don't get the idea that he's perfect...he comes out with some not so nice stuff sometimes...well he's only human like the rest of us!

  6. OMG..You gave in the most wonderful answers. And thanks a lot for answering my questions.

    Mr.Ayak's reply was so sweet. :) I wish you all the best for everything you want Ayak :)

  7. Thankyou really are such a lovely girl xxx

  8. Lovely answers and I am so with you on the tattoo thing - I thought I must be the last person left in the world who hated them (and face piercings).

    The age difference thing does seem to worry the woman more I reckon (speaking from experience here :)

  9. FF: I hate tattoos, also piercings...except for ears. I have mine pierced simply because it's easier to wear earrings on pierced ears.

    I did worry about the age difference in the early days, but it's not something I ever think about anymore..unless I'm reminded by something such as the comment Mr A made.


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