Monday, 12 July 2010

The beginning of another week

It's 6.00am...Monday morning...the start of another week.  I've been up for an hour, just to stand outside and try to breathe in some air.  The heat is relentless, and this is the only time of the day when I'm able to cool down just a little.

Poppy came into season just over a week ago...Beki followed suit a week later.   Which means of course that it will be a total of four weeks of my having to keep them confined to the house.  There are just too many street dogs around, managing to find their way into the garden day and night, for me to risk letting my girls out in the garden unless I'm there to watch them.

These pics are of a cat and her kittens...they're not very clear I'm afraid, as they were taken on Mr A's mobile phone.   The heavily pregnant cat was discovered by Mr Ayak some weeks ago at the hotel, looking quite distressed, so he found her somewhere sheltered in the hotel grounds, where she would feel safe to give birth, and he has been feeding her ever since.  People often laugh at Mr Ayak's obsession with stray cats and dogs.  The Turks as a rule just consider strays as vermin.   His compassion for animals is one of the things I love about him.  He always makes I do...that containers of water are left out for the strays...particularly in this weather, and that any scraps of food we have are given to them.

I've been travelling over to the hotel on the bus a fair amount during the past week.  I hate the journey, which involves 3 buses, but waiting around in the hot sun is the worst thing....and it takes a minimum of an hour and a half to get there...and even longer to get back home.  However, the buying of a car has had to be put on hold for the time being.  We are concentrating on making sure that the balance of the rental on the premises is paid by the end of the month.  We don't want to give the GM any ammunition at this point in time. 

I also paid another visit to the dentist on Friday. I had some x-rays taken and it has been agreed that I need some bridge and crown work done...four new crowns in all.   One of the teeth also has to be repaired as there is some damage, and it needs to be reinforced to take the crown.  It's an expensive process (relatively speaking) and with a bit of the usual Turkish negotiation, he has agreed a total price of 600 ytl.  No doubt those of you living in the UK, will be shocked to learn that this amounts to around 240 pounds...a hell of a lot cheaper isn't it?

Well...none of this is urgent...and we have more important bills to pay first, so I will be contacting him again in about a month to start treatment.  In the meantime I had the best scale and polish I have ever had in my life.  For the initial consultation, filing down the damaged tooth on the first visit, second visit, x-rays, scale and polish...he charged me just 50 ytl...about 20 pounds!   No wonder dental package holidays in Turkey are so popular!

And now it's 6.30am.  I'm about to shower, then catch a bus at 7.45am into Milas to the post office.  Then I will get on the bus to Bodrum, followed by the dolmuş to Bitez, to spend another few hours with Mr Ayak, before making the return journey all over again. 

The new week starts here...and I am still feeling more optimistic...let's hope it lasts!


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  2. Dear Ayak, I wish you & Mr Ayak the best of luck!

    It's very hot in the Algarve now, as well - and I don't drive, so I totally sympathise with you! Waiting for public transportation, sometimes during the hottest period of the day, is very hard. And sitting inside a bus, with no air conditioning, often makes me wonder if I wasn't better off while I was waiting... LOL!

    I hope things work out for Mr Ayak, you so deserve a break from worries & difficulties.

    Have a great week!

  3. A tough journey to make in the heat and I so agree about waiting being the worst part of it!
    Still, I'm sure Mr. Ayak is glad of your support...especially if you eep the staff on their toes.

    Isn't he a kind photos.

  4. OMG u get up early, hope alls well with your day today and that the journey wasnt too bad. At least u will be with hubby. Dental costs sound really good compared with here I think one tooth wold cost more than that! xx

  5. Astro: You do seem to get similar temps to ours agt's no fun at all with public transport is it. Thanks for your good wishes my dear friend xxx

    Fly: The heat today was unbearable and I had a lot of waiting about..phew! Yes Mr A is very kind...the cat and kittens are all doing very well by the way

    Bomb: I wouldn't get up so early usually but its the only time of day when its a little cooler. The journey was awful today...I'm not sure I can do this too often.
    The dental costs are really good aren't they?

  6. Gosh! You have a lot going on! I definitely think that you get your teeth done as soon as you can ! xxx

  7. Those cats are lovely. It's so nice of Mr. Ayak to take care of them. x

  8. Very cute moggies!! I hope the temperature drops a little so you can catch your breath...

    C x

  9. Mel: I will..don't worry!

    Gaelikaa: Yes they are lovely

    Carol: Oh I do so wish the temp would's impossible to sleep at the moment

  10. The mummy cat is too precious. Bless Mr. Ayak for being so kind! I hope things cool down on all fronts for you soon.

  11. I just got caught up on your blog... as always, I hope the best for you.

    I read something several months ago that rated tourists... I remember who they said the worst were... and I was surprised... but glad it wasn't us.. as in US!

  12. Ayak, I hope you are continuing to enjoy your week and have a positive outlook.

    I do not know how you cope with the heat in Turkey. It is too hot for me in France currently - 39 degrees.

    You are very kind leaving water for the strays, it breaks my heart to see stray animals or humans.

    My gosh! Isn't the dentist cheap? I think I would get new teeth with those prices :)

  13. 'Cross the Pond: The cat is gorgeous isn't she? And the kittens too.

    @eloh: Hi..nice to see you...and thankyou. No it definitely wasn't US!

    Piglet: Thanks for your good wishes. I wish more people would leave water out for the animals in this doesn't take much effort.

    Ha...I can see you booking a dental package tour to Turkey!


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