Monday, 19 July 2010

The best time of the day

The best time of the day in the middle of summer is around 5.30am just as the sun begins to rise above the mountains in the distance.   It's quiet...except for the noises of the animals...and it's the only time it's cool.   So this it the time I water the garden, then grab a coffee and sit outside for half an hour.  And that's all it is....half an hour of coolness before the intense heat builds up all over again.


  1. I love the early morning cool and quiet too. We haven't got your intense heat but it is too hot for me to be doing anything outside already. Him Outdoors manages to keep going until noon but the afternoons are just for snoozing/reading in the shade. Fortunately at the moment we have got a bit of breeze again and cooler nights which makes all the difference.

  2. Rosie: I so wish the nights were cooler but the temperature doesn't seem to drop until around 4.00 am. It's very difficult to I fşnd myself napping on and off during the day.

  3. We are the opposite here. It was cold and raining all yesterday, I put the heating on and wore socks in bed...

  4. Monalisa, I don't know where you live but we I come stay for the summer? I hate the heat, would love wearing socks to bed at night and having the heater on during the day. It sounds like my dream place to live.

  5. It looks beautiful Ayak. Its like the flames are beginning to appear !! If I sat out here it would be too cold for me at that time hehehehe xx

  6. Such a beautiful way to start a morning. You are lucky!

  7. When it's hot I really value being an early bird....visitors start getting up when the morning is - to me - well advanced and the heat is making itself felt.
    Still, I'm glad to have had the dawn to myself...

  8. By far, my favorite time of the day as well. Nice picture.:)

  9. Monalisa: Oh I wouldn't mind some of your weather right now!

    Charlotte Ann: I was just thinking the same thing!

    Bomb: Yes it is photo doesn't really do it justice.

    CJ: Yes I am but I wish it would last a bit longer than an hour!

    Fly: Thats the bit I like about it...having it to myself. My neighbour with all the animals does get up quite early...but about half an hour after I do feel that the dawn is mine.

    Mr H: Thanks...not one of my best pics...still practising!

  10. gaelikaa...yes I imagine early morning in India is lovely too


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