Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Blog Problems today

I've been informed by Heiko and French Fancy that they were unable to post comments on my blog today.  Also Heiko mentions that it's scrolling slowly.

I've had comments from other followers today, and no-one else has mentioned any problems.

I've posted on the Blogger Help forum that some followers are unable to comment, but as yet I've had no response.

If anyone else is having problems, could you let me know please, with details, so that I can try and resolve this.

Thanks x

29.7.2010   Follow-up

I've received a response from Blogger Help as follows:

"Thanks for reporting this issue that some of your followers have had commenting on your site. Looks like comments are working again on your blog, as confirmed by many of your readers :). Do you know if any of the original people who reported the issue to you are still having issues?"

Can I suggest that Heiko and French Fancy...and anyone else still experiencing the problems here as it would appear that the problem isn't with my blog.


  1. Let's seee.. Umm I guess it's fine for me!

  2. Nomad and Kaibee...thanks for the feedback xx

  3. I used to have such a difficult time posting a comment to your page....and eventually I would just give it up. Then...suddenly all things went today I hope!

  4. I've had trouble pulling up blogs I follow from the dashboard setting, but that could just be my computer..or what I'm doing to it!

  5. Charlotte Ann: Well it worked for you this time..thanks for your response.

    Fly: Ohhh...don't confuse me even more than I already am!

  6. No problem at all Ayak, and I love the new look to your blog!

  7. comments working for me

  8. Jan, Kelloggsville and Anonymous. Thanks for your comments. I've received a response as you can see from the update on this post.

  9. I haven't had problems with commenting to you but I did have problems with one other person. That seemed to resolve itself after a while.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  10. Thanks Maggie.
    Well it seems that the problem isn't with my blog, but a general problem which affects some people but not others.
    So lets hope that the problems are soon resolved for those followers who were unable to post comments.

  11. the fly in the web said...
    I've had trouble pulling up blogs I follow from the dashboard setting, but that could just be my computer..or what I'm doing to it!
    Have you ever tried It puts all the blogs you follow into a magazine form. Very handy.

  12. Gaelikaa...well it seems to be OK for some but not others. Some of them have reported the problems so hopefully it will get sorted asap.


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