Saturday, 3 July 2010

Catching Up

I seemed to have a flurry of activity with my blog posts last week, which ground to a halt on Wednesday, due mostly to the heat.

It's just too hot to sit in front of the laptop for too long. It's too hot to do anything really.  I know the temperatures aren't as high as they will be over the next couple of months, but I seem less able to cope with the heat these days.  So this post is a bit longer than usual.  I'm catching up while I'm in the mood.

I've spent most of this afternoon and evening catching up on all my favourite blogs, and also trying to sort out my emails.  For a couple of days I've had a problem getting into my mailbox, and then when I do, somehow there aren't anywhere near as many as there usually are.  Also some that I had read but left in my mailbox to answer later, had actually disappeared.  Very strange.

In spite of the heat, on Wednesday evening I had the urge to start moving furniture around again.  Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while will know that I often do this.  I just get restless and bored with things the way they are.  I moved a large armchair from my bedroom into the sitting room...with great difficulty as it became firmly wedged in the doorway and was only finally shifted by an almighty shove, which knocked over a large plant in the sitting room.  I then moved the sofas around...then the armchairs...then moved them again until I felt it was just right.  I then moved a table into the bedroom and placed under the window to use for my laptop.  I've been spending at least half the day in the bedroom as it's the coolest room and it's not particularly comfortable to sprawl on the bed with the laptop.

I always think I'm going to make my back worse by shifting furniture,but surprisingly it always feels better afterwards...must be the exercise!

Poppy has just come into season...she is so regular...six months exactly to the date.  Beki will probably follow suit any day now as she did last time.    Because of the heat I've been sleeping with the bedroom window open wide, and Poppy and Beki have been sleeping on the floor of the bedroom.   Poppy's scent has been attracting the street dogs, and several times during the night, I'm woken up by panting outside the window, which sets Poppy and Beki barking furiously.  Great fun...not!  So for the next couple of weeks, if I need to go out I'm having to shut the dogs in the house, to avoid any unwanted pregnancies.

Yesterday morning I caught an early bus over to see Mr Ayak, spent a couple of hours there, bussed back into Milas to the post office, then back to the village. I'm not enjoying this journey, but Mr Ayak never knows when he can get away so if I don't make the effort I don't see him.

I went off to sleep fairly early last night but was woken up by the phone at 2.00am.  It was Mr Ayak saying that he would be home in 5 minutes.  Apparently his cousin, with the hotel opposite, needed someone to take his sister's car down to Kusadasi.  This particular cousin lives out in Sivas but has a holiday home just outside Kusadasi.  She doesn't relish the long drive, so she leaves her car with her brother and catches the bus.   Mr Ayak suddenly realised that if he offered it would be an opportunity to come home for a few hours as he would have to drive past the turn-off to the village on his way.

The changeover date for customers at the hotel has changed to Saturday, so as most of them would be leaving today, and the next lot arriving late tonight, Mr Ayak could afford to take the day off.  So it was a very pleasant surprise visit.  We sat chatting till about which time I was wide awake...but Mr A had dropped off to sleep on the sofa.  He woke up at 5.30am and went outside to light a burn all the rubbish in the overflowing it still hasn't been's at least 6 weeks now and it's disgusting. Mr A has complained bitterly to the Muhtar who continues to come up with excuses.  So it all had to be burned.  While he was doing this I decided I didn't like the armchair in the sitting-room after all so I moved it into the spare bedroom.  Goodness knows why I do this when it's so hot!

Mr A  grabbed another couple of hours sleep, and then we went into Milas, to do a bit of shopping, and had lunch at our favourite place...where they serve the best kofte... in opened flat bread with loads of salad...on a sheet of plate or cutlery.  It's cheap and delicious.

Mr A dropped me off at the bus station and then continued his journey to Kusadasi....delivered the car...then set off back to Bodrum on the bus.

We have been discussing how we can find a way to spend more time together.  We can't afford to rent something near the hotel, because a) it would be too expensive and b) no-one wants to rent to someone with two dogs.   It takes too long to go back and forth on the bus, and I'm not happy about Mr A doing the journey twice a day on the motorbike.  At the moment we are trying to work out whether we can raise the money for the deposit on a car.  It's the ideal solution.  Mr A can come home every night, and I can also go with him to work as often as I want to, and will then feel a bit more involved in the business.

We have to find a solution's just too short to spend so much time apart.


  1. It must be so difficult to have your time together so limited! You must miss each other like mad! (I promise I will try not to moan about being away from Chris two nights a week during term time!)

    Good luck with the deposit for the does sound like that would be the perfect solution for you!

    C x

  2. It sounds exciting having a surprise visit at 2 am...

  3. I hope you manage to find a solution too life is to short to spend such a lot apart. Me and hubby are similar he works 7 nights on the trot for now at least 12 hours instead of 14 so we really dont get to see a lot of each other although we try and cram as much time together in the few days he gets off afterwards. Hope the weather cools a little for you so u can post lol I love reading them xx

  4. Carol: It is difficult. A car would solve the problem but money is tight so am not sure whether it will happen.

    Monalisa: Yes it was..after the initial panic when the phone rings in the early hours...I always think it's bad this was good.

    Bomb: I sometimes think that the idea that you work to live isn't really true in our case. Too much work and not enough living at the moment.
    No chance of the weather cooling for a couple of months now unfortunately. 93F as I type usually shoots up way past a 100 from now on through August.

  5. I know what you mean about the moment of panic when the 'phone rings in the early hours...but what a super surprise!

    It sounds as if the hotel is beginning to work, which is wonderful news, so that car might not be as far off as you think!

    Keeping fingters crossed for continued success of the business...and for your project of being able to be least that way there will to two of you to shoo off the midnight panters!

  6. Fly..Thanks for your good wishes. The car is probably unlikely to happen soon so we have to find another solution...thinking caps on again.

  7. Heres hoping you get the car somehow or other. That would seem to be the answer to everything.
    Keep those dogs in!!!!! Don't let them get pregnant! LOL!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  8. Sorry, off your post totally, but I wanted to tell you that I have finally managed to get two pages up on the screen at the same time!
    And I remembered how I did it!
    Now, without your help and support boosting my confidence, I would never have even started to try!

    Many thanks,Ayak...I owe you!

  9. Maggie...Thanks. I just couldn't cope with pregnant dogs at this point in they are secure at all times!

    Fly: Oh well done you. But I know you can do these things. When we first "met" I recognised a kindred spirit (if that's the right expression?). Anyway what I mean is that I used to have no confidence on the pc. I always waited until someone could help me. Then I moved here and there was no-one so I just had to learn by trial and error. It's scary at first but then when you realise you can't really mess anything up, it gives you the confidence to try more.

    So of course you don't owe me! Glad to be of help.

    However feel free to mention me in the "Acknowledgments" of your book when it's published...because it will be!

  10. Sounds like you've been a busy little bee. Congratulations. Glad to hear that things are coming together with the business. May I uncross my fingers and toes now? (forget the eyes, they were like that before I met you!)

  11. Nomad: Could you keep them crossed for a bit longer please? (shame about the eyes!)

  12. Nomad...please keep them crossed for a bit longer if you don't mind (shame about the eyes!)

    (Now if you have received this comment (or similar) twice...don't think I'm going's because of this blasted blogger comments problem today...Seems to be OK now though...touch wood!)


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