Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Comments not appearing on blogs

I'm getting email notifications of comments on my blog post this morning but they are not actually appearing on my blog.

I've been to the Blog help page and it seems that it is a widespread problem at the moment, so I'm just letting anyone who reads here know that if it's happening to them...they're not alone!

I'll update this post if I find out what the problem is, or if it's resolved at some point

Update:  I'm still receiving email notifications of comments on my blog posts but they are still not appearing.  Anyone else having the same problem?  Just post a comment on this won't appear but I will get an email notification of it.  I'm saving all comments by the way and will post them up myself if necessary.

Problem now resolved.  It would seem that if enough people complain on the Blogger Help page (and an awful lot did) then something is eventually done!


  1. So weird. Are those YOUR comments or other people's?

  2. It happens on mine from time to time...sometimes they then appear, sometimes not.

  3. Hey that sucks! Why is that happening. I wonder if it's happening to my blog too! I'll go check! :/

  4. I have been having the same problem, hopefully it will resolve itself soon.

    I'm not sure if today is now, tomorrow, or yesterday in Turkey but either way have a very, very happy birthday.:)

  5. I haven't had that problem, not yet anyway, but have been getting at least one spam comment on every post for the last few weeks. These things are sent to try us!!!

  6. Kaibee: It's a widespread problem as I understand it.

    Mr H: Well it appears to be resolved now.
    Today is now...tomorrow is my birthday and thank you so much for your good wishes xx

  7. Jan: These spam comments are a nuisance aren't they? It's not the Chinese one is it? I've seen that one on several blogs...can't remember if your's was one of them?

  8. Hope you get this one! However, I see the problem is resolved. :-)
    Maggie X

  9. Seems to be OK now Maggie. Although there are 7 comments here, (excluding this one) and it's just showing 4 comments on my blog page? Oh well...

  10. It's been happening to me too!! Hopefully they have managed to solve it cause it seems to be working now!

    C x

  11. Happy Birthday you lovely woman.

    Glad that things are picking up - I bet that is the best present of all


  12. Same thing happened to me yesterday! Happy birthday - hope it's a great day.

  13. Carol: Touch wood it still seems to be OK!

    FF: Thankyou xxx Yes that certainly is the best present!

    'Cross the Pond: You too? Oh well let's hope it's been resolved. Thanks for your good wishes.


    I hope you are having a lovely day, you so deserve to be happy!

  15. Thanks astro...I've had a wonderful day:-)

  16. I hope you had a great day yesterday and the time flew by with happy feet... Happy day AFTER your birthday!


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