Sunday, 25 July 2010

Dogs, apples, bread and motorbikes.

I was having a strange conversation with my neighbour, Şevke, yesterday.  I've mentioned before that  my Turkish leaves a lot to be desired.  I  think I understand what's being said, but I often get it wrong.

It started out with Şevke handing me a bottle of her lovely olive oil over the wall, which I had asked her for earlier in the day.  She asked me why the dogs were staying in the house at the moment.  I explained that they were both in season (I had previously had to look up the word for season/ I knew I had it right).  I said it was because of all the visits by the stray dogs in the village, and I didn't want to risk unwanted pregnancies. 

Now you are probably thinking that because of the way I've been describing the conversation,  it looks like  my Turkish is's sentences consist of random words thrown together, with little respect for grammar, and together with a lot of waving of arms and hand gestures, I manage to make myself understood.  I went on to say that I would be looking for a good vet soon, because I ought to have them both speyed.

Şevke then started to tell me that an operation wasn't necessary....and (I think) she was suggesting either a method of contraception, or a deterrent,  involving apples and bread.  Yes I know...I've admitted I often misunderstand Turkish, but I do know the words for apples and bread, and I did get her to repeat what she said...twice.

BUT I didn't actually grasp what I was supposed to do with the apples and bread.  So not wishing to exasperate the poor woman, I gave up.   Maybe it's an old wives' tale...there are a lot of strange ones here.


Changing the subject .....(but I'll come back to it if I ever find out about apples, bread and bitches in season),
Mr Ayak phoned yesterday to say he had decided to pop home last night.  He planned to leave around 11pm so would be home about midnight. He is very much a night person, so I knew we would probably be up chatting for hours...a good opportunity to discuss the business.  So as I'm more a morning person, I had a nap early evening to make sure I was alert when he arrived.

Well,  at 11.15pm he phoned to say the motorbike wouldn't start.  He phoned a mechanic friend who was happy to come out and have a look, and it was eventually fixed just after 1am.   He set off and at around 2am, had just passed the airport, when the back tyre burst.  Not a good time to find a new tyre...and he was miles from any sign of life.  So he pushed the motorbike as far as Koru.  I'm not sure of the distance but it's probably about 5 km from the airport, and another 6 or 7km away from our village.

I had dropped off to sleep on the sofa, but was woken up by my mobile phone containing a text message from him.  It was now around 4.30am, and he just had to sit and wait outside a tyre shop until they opened....hoping of course that they would be open on a Sunday morning.

Eventually he arrived home just after 7 am, having managed to locate the owner of the shop, who hadn't intended to open, but like most Turks was happy to help.  

We chatted for all of 10 minutes,  but he was exhausted, and in no mood to discuss the business.  He just said "don't worry..I'll sort it out".   I know from years of experience, that there is no point in my pursuing this any further.   He's keeping it all inside.  I wish he would share his problems...but he thinks he is doing the right thing in shutting me out.  

We had some breakfast and he went off to bed and slept until around 3pm.  He then took me into Milas to get some food shopping, and then he set off back to the hotel.  

I'm left feeling that this was a rare opportunity to try to sort out some of the problems...but again circumstances prevented it from happening.   Although there was one least he managed to get some much needed sleep....which I hope will help him to see things more clearly.


  1. Men! They...the best of them, that is...think they are sparing us worry by keeping all the problems to themselves...

  2. It was a shame you couldnt get to have a good old chat, the time will come soon I hope. Heheheh to the apples and bread ... my mind is boggled lol xx

  3. Fly: Absolutely! Frustrating isn't it?

    Bomb: Yes my mind is well and truly boggled. I'm determined to get to the bottom of it though!

  4. There is one frustration after another.
    All these things happening to you seem like some of those board games that say, *Collect a bad luck token and miss ten goes.*
    I hope everything will work out for you and Mr Ayak.

    I am agog with anticipation waiting for news of apples, bread and bitches on heat. The mind boggles!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. Maggie: yes it is like one of those board long as we don't get the "go to jail" card I won't worry too much!
    I'm intrigued about the apples and bread too...I'll let you know if I have any news!

  6. Ayak, most men believe that letting women in on their problems would just be a way to worry the women and therefore they never let them know. My dad is exactly the same, never does he let my mom or me find out about what is up with his business. I guess, that's how they assure that we are worry-free! :) Don't worry and trust him. Maybe he'll open up when he thinks it's rights :)
    You know, the way you describe Turks, it really wants me to visit Turkey. And when I do, I am gonna meet up with you too! :)
    Hope you find out soon about he apples and bread and bitches. I am intrigued! :D

  7. Kaibee...Yes that's true but I think its very much a cultural thing too (maybe the same with Pakistani men?) that men often won't discuss their problems with women...whereas I found it to be quite different in the UK.
    Oh you would love Turkey I'm sure..and of course I would love to meet you xx

  8. Ayak, I'm just like you. Your Turkish sounds like my Hindi. I'm dying to know about the bread and apples too, LOL

  9. Just wanted to let you know how much I like your new title picture. I have a feeling I would absolutely love Turkish the colors.

    If you ever figure out the apple and bread thing I would love to hear about it.:)

    Glad to hear that Mr Ayak made it home in one piece

  10. gaelikaa: I've always struggled with languages.

    Mr H: Turkish delight is absolutely delicious.
    I'm still trying to find out about the apples and bread thing!


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