Friday, 30 July 2010

Just imagine... set off for the bus.  It arrives.  You get on with everyone else and set off on your journey.  You are perhaps a kilometre down the road, and the driver's mobile phone rings.  He stops and answers it, then turns the bus around and drives back to the village  bus stop,  and picks up another passenger.  She had missed the bus.  Someone from the teahouse phoned the bus driver to ask him to return to collect her.

It's normal bats an eyelid.  Nor do they if the driver makes a detour several kilometres off his route to drop someone off at another village, because they are either elderly, infirm, or just have a lot of shopping, or bags of fertiliser.

Imagine waiting at the bus station in the hot sun, where the only shade to be found is outside a cafe with tables and chairs.  The owner calls you over to sit at a table to take shelter.  He doesn't expect you to buy fact he brings out water for you to drink, and wouldn't dream of charging you.

Imagine going into a shop for something specific, to find that they don't have it.  Instead of you looking elsewhere, the shopkeeper says take a seat, brings you tea, and he goes off to another shop to find what you want.

Imagine going to check your box at the post office, to find it empty.  You start to walk away, but one of the men from the sorting office comes out, asks you to take a seat and drink tea, while he checks through all the sacks that have just arrived, to see if there's anything for you.

All these things happened yesterday morning.  I could go on about how the Turks go out of their way to be of help...the list is endless.  I have never known another race who are so genuinely kind, willing and unselfish.

Imagine any of this happening in your country...or maybe it does...tell me about it.


  1. They seem to be such lovely people. Indians are too. I left a packet of stationery behind in a shop the day before yesterday. I went back yesterday and the packet was still there, waiting for me...

  2. Gaelikaa...No matter how long I live here I never fail to be impressed by their kindness.

  3. Thank you for this blog Ayak. It is such heart warming stuff. Made my day.

  4. Rosie: What a lovely made my day too!

  5. That was a super post, made me feel happy immediately!
    Aren't Turks kind!

  6. That is exactly how it should be. Do you think the same courtesies would be extended in a bigger city in Turkey? I know that in the USA, especially in the cities, this would not be the norm.

    I'm glad you had such a fine day:)

  7. Fly: Yes they are. And thanks for your nice comment. I am aware that I do a lot of moaning about life and really needed to stop and look at all the positive stuff around me.

    Mr H: Well I haven't lived in the really big cities, but I've lived in or near to very large towns and yes it's the same. It's the way these people are...nothing is ever too much trouble.

  8. OMG.. I gotta find a Turk man too.. 'cos Ayak your blog is making me fall in love with Turkey more and more everyday. With all the culture and such nice people, I think I'll be visiting it soon.
    I already love Turkish delight, although I have just had it once in my life, one of our relatives got it for me. And I have only heard and read about Turkey, seen Tourism slides on TV. But, I wanna be there.
    Oh Ayak, I do hope I get a chance to visit Turkey one day! :)

  9. Kaibee: You have so much of your life ahead of you..lots of time to travel the world..and I sincerely hope you do get the chance to visit Turkey..and I hope I'm still around to meet you! xxx

  10. How absolutely lovely and inspiring. What a lovely blog.

    BTW - I couldn't comment on your blog for two days. I was using Firefox but then I used explorer today - I was in! Sorry you're having blog issues!

  11. 'Cross the Pond...thankyou xxx

    Now I'm wondering if the other people who can't comment are also using Firefox? Maybe that's the problem (saying that off the top of my head because I really don't understand these things)

  12. oh wow - what a lovely place x

  13. What super, kind people the Turks are! Here in Catalunya we've found people to be very trusting e.g. letting my husband take three solar panels away and telling him he could pay in a couple of days.

  14. Jan: That's lovely and the Turks are very much like that too. They are happy for people to pay later..and because there is such trust between people, no-one seems to abuse it.

  15. Aww how lovely the post mademy eyes all teary ... that is just how life should be how wonderful xx


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