Thursday, 8 July 2010

A Lovely Birthday

Mr Ayak had hoped to come home on Tuesday night to be with me for my birthday yesterday morning.  However, the search for a car is still ongoing, so it wasn't to be.  It has been so long since we spent my birthday together....July being in the middle of the tourist season has made it virtually impossible most years.

So I travelled over to the hotel on the bus, and had a very enjoyable time.  Mr A knows how much I miss conversation with English people, and there don't seem to have been many staying at the hotel.  He introduced me to a couple yesterday, who he instinctively knew I would like...and he was right.  We hit it off immediately, and felt like we had known each other for years.  Don't you just love it when that happens?

Mr A had bought a birthday cake, with candles and sparklers, and the English couple, Zoe and Kris, the hamam boys, Mr A and I all tucked in.  We started off drinking Fanta, but Kris and Zoe went off to get glasses of wine from the bar, which really helped to wash down the cake!

Mr Ayak bought me a lovely delicate gold chain.  I used to have one some time ago (which he had also bought me) but I lost it, so it's lovely to have one to replace it.  I don't wear much jewellery as a rule, but do love a fine gold chain round my neck.

We took a few photos, but they weren't brilliant.  This is the delicious birthday cake (bananas and walnuts):

There is a professional photographer resident at the hotel, and as a birthday present he took a few photos of Mr A and I.  I am delighted because Mr A and I haven't had a photo taken together since we got married over 11 years ago, and they were pretty awful.    These arent bad at all:

So after a few hours of very pleasant company, I set off back home on the bus.   One of my best birthdays ever! 


  1. Dear Ayak, you give a whole new meaning to the concept of simple pleasures. Thank you for sharing, once more.

  2. It does look like you had a lovely birthday. I love the picture of you and your husband and you look very pretty in the chair by yourself.

    I hope this new year brings you many special times and happy memories with your husband.

  3. Lovely photos...and how thoughtful of Mr. Ayak ro give you a present...not only of a gold chain, but of people to talk to in english!

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  5. astro: What a nice thing to say...thanks xx

    gifts: thankyou very much xx

    Fly: Yes it was thoughtful..and lovely to meet some new people. thanks xx

    Bomb: Thanks very much xx

  6. Glad you had a fantastic birthday! I guess for some reason my last comment did not post yesterday. Anyway, what is a hamam? Sorry to be ignorant, but I have no clue???

  7. likeschocolate: Thanks. There seemed to be problems with posting comments yesterday, so maybe that's what happened to yours.
    A Hamam is a Turkish Bath. I did a post on it..if you want to have a look...

  8. Lovely photos and a delicious looking cake. Glad you had a good day.

  9. You look happy! To the next 21 or so!

  10. What a fantabulous cake!!! The photos and your new chain look lovely too. Happy birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday, my dear. This is for you!

  12. Rosie: Thankyou xxx

    Heiko: Cheers xxx

    Jan: The cake was delicious. Thanks xxx

    Nomad: That is absolutely brilliant. Thankyou my dear friend xxx

  13. Happy Birthday Ayak! Just reading your blog makes me feel alive with the happiness you felt. All the best to you!

  14. Happy belated Birthday. And what a lovely cake and celebration. Great photos of you too. And I know what you mean about running into people it seems like you've known forever. I hope they visit again. I would love to go to Turkey, maybe one day.

  15. Abeer: What a lovely thing to say...thankyou xx

    Lilly: Thanks very much. Let's hope you get a chance to visit this beautiful won't regret it!


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