Friday, 16 July 2010

O Magazine

One thing I miss about living in the UK is buying magazines.

Not that I bought them regularly, but on the odd occasion I enjoyed magazines such as SHE and Homes and Gardens, and a few others.

A few years ago when I was living in Göreme, I decided to take out a subscription to a magazine on line.  I searched for the UK magazines that I liked and was about to place an order when I discovered how much I would be charged for delivery to Turkey.  I can't remember the figures off hand but in every case the delivery costs were at least, if not more, than the cost of a year's subscription.

So I decided it was just too extravagant.   I happened to borrow a copy of O Magazine from a friend and I really enjoyed it.  It had some good articles, as well as fashion, recipes, health issues, etc.  In fact it was far better than I had imagined it would be.  So I searched Oprah's website and found the subscription page, and was delighted to learn how inexpensive a year's subscription would be.  The price was in dollars, but it amounted to a total of around 20 pounds...for a whole year, including delivery!

I went ahead and placed my order, and waited 4 weeks for the first issue.  I was a little unsure about whether it would arrive, or even if subsequent issues might go astray, as the post here is very unpredictable.  But each issue was delivered by courier...and not by post.   After the first couple of months, we moved to Selçuk, and I notified the subscriptions department of my new address.  There was no delay and the rest of the issues continued to be delivered on time every month.

I must have been busy with other things around the time of renewing my subscription, because it slipped my mind.  I always meant to renew it but haven't got round to it until now.

Considering 4 or 5 years has elapsed since my last subscription I expected the price to have increased substantıally, but its now only the equivalent of 26 pounds...which I think is pretty good.

Before ordering the magazine again, I checked out some of the UK magazine subscriptions again...and they are still so expensive...way beyond my means.

It is a luxury as far as I am concerned...but I do love the excitement at receiving a new magazine every I decided I would treat myself.

Can't wait for the first copy to arrive!


  1. I used to post mags to my friend in Germany before her language skills were better. O sounds like it's right up your street. I wanted to subscribe to the Age for my husband but like you found the delivery costs prohibitively expensive. If you ever want some UK 'trash' sending just mail me x

  2. I like the O magazine .... when we had Borders here .... sadly its closed down now ..... I could go buy it. I cant afford to buy magazines on regular basis but that price sounds pretty good. xx

  3. Kelloggsville: I wonder why O magazine can be sent so cheaply from the US but the UK mags are so expensive?
    Thanks for your offer...that's really kind of you xx

    Bomb: I think it is excellent for 12 issues including postage.

  4. Looks like she's getting slimmer again!

  5. Rosie: Airbrushing can do wonders!

  6. Can one airbrush while in the shower in the mornings?

  7. Fly: Now wouldn't that be wonderful?!

  8. I love O magazine and was sad to leave it behind. I'm now inspired to go and get a subscription of my own! Thanks.

  9. Hi there! I'm visiting you after a loooong time! Billy's looking so big!
    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

    ♥ Chaitra

  10. Hurray for Oprah! :D
    I am really delighted to know Ayak that you can satisfy your magazine cravings without spending a lot! :D

    A good magazine always comes in handy, back in my boredom days I literally sucked on the reader's digest issue and just in three days was done with the whole thing! :)

    So how have you been Ayak? :)

  11. 'Cross the Pond:It's well worth it!

    Hi Chaitra: Nice to see you again...thanks for popping in xx

    Kaibee: Hi...I am looking forward to receiving my magazine every month. I'm fine...thanks for asking...except for the heat!

  12. With all the things you have to put up with you have more than earned the right to pamper yourself with a good mag :-)

    C x

  13. That does seem to be a bargain and should be a good read too.
    Glad you found that magazine.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  14. Carol: Thanks...yes I do think I deserve it...and I don't often say that!

    Maggie: A real bargain and a very good magazine.

  15. I love magazines, Ayak, some of them give you a free subscription for a few features online and I subscribe to the Indian edition of Reader's Digest. As much for the kids as for me because they need to read good quality stuff for their studies...

  16. gaelikaa...I used to get the Readers Digest many years's brilliant isn't it?


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