Wednesday, 21 July 2010

One of my favourite old photos

This is a very old grainy photo...a copy of a copy of a copy.....I'm hoping it's one of the photos my brother is currently restoring because it's one I love. It's me with my two younger brothers.

I was about 9 or 10 years old as I recall, and I remember very clearly this photo being taken by a professional photographer who came to the house.

And I remember details quite vividly.  Even though it's a black and white photo, I remember that the dress I was wearing was a turquoise favourite at the time.  And my baby brother was wearing what was known in those days as a romper suit.   It was almost like a dress, except that it fastened underneath with buttons....and it had smocking along the front (does anyone remember smocking?) which I think my mother did.

The sofa we were sitting on was very old, and the striped material along the back was part of an old curtain that my mother had placed there to cover the worn bits.

Isn't it strange...the things we remember when we look at old photos?


  1. Such a lovely photo! I remember details the same way!

  2. I think it's wonderful. It's nice to have old photos that conjure up warm memories!

  3. I love our old photos. I must print up some photos I have on the computer and keep them. One day the computer will go on me and all will be lost.

  4. That is a gorgeous photo of the three of you!! I love looking at old photo's and your right, sometimes the memories that they spark are so vivid that we're immediately transported back to the time they were taken!

    Thanks for sharing this

    C x

  5. Lovely photo. I was remembering smocking the other day because I had a totally smocked swimming costume which I loved. I seem to remember that I had two - must have been hand me downs from somewhere - and could never decide which one to put on. As something to swim in they were hopeless because you had to tie it tight round your neck to stop it sagging :-)

  6. Super photo, Ayak!
    Yes, it does bring back the memories...romper suits in particular!
    I can remember having summer dresses that were smocked..and at one stage even learnt how to do it myself...but having no further use for the art, it is long gone...

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments.
    I'm glad I'm not the only here who's old enough to remember smocking!

  8. Beautiful photo Ayak - thanks for sharing that. Old photos are so precious...


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