Saturday, 31 July 2010

Tragedies waiting to happen

The Daily Mail today reports the tragic death of a 9 year old girl in a rafting accident in Turkey.  You can read the story here

Some years ago when Mr Ayak and I worked for a tour agency in Side, we sold white-water rafting trips.  We were forbidden to sell these trips to anyone under 18 years of age, as are the vast majority of agencies selling these activities (which is clearly reported in the article).

Naturally there are agencies who are not so reputable, who will break the rules, but often it's the people booking the trips that need to take responsibility.  Mr A and I often had arguments with tourists who were insisting that their "children" would be perfectly safe with them in a raft, and could we please "bend the rules" and let them go.  We always stuck to our guns...there is no way I would want to be  responsible for the death or serious injury of a child. We lost a number of bookings because of it...and money of we were paid only commission on what we sold.

However, the Turks always want to please people, and I can just imagine them being persuaded by parents who think they know best. 

Of course, I don't know the circumstances surrounding this particular case.  It could be that the tour agency said that rafting was safe for children.  Who knows?   BUT it makes me very angry that some people seem to leave their common sense at home when they go on holiday.  Why on earth would anyone put their children at risk without researching an activity such as this first?

I'm truly sorry for the family and the loss of their child, but I would like to emphasise the fact that different countries have different safety standards.  Please don't take unnecessary risks when you're on holiday.


  1. It is the parent who is ultimately responsible for making the decision to take a child into danger, though it must be hard to refuse when your livelihood depends on selling tickets..
    Terrible for everyone concerned, though, whatever the rights and wrongs.

  2. It's true, when the holiday head goes on, the sensible one falls off!

  3. Fly: Yes of course...the parent is ultimately responsible, and are so right..I've seen so many examples of it since living here.


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