Friday, 6 August 2010

An apple, a couple of figs and a handful of almonds

I'm very excited about this apple (I know...I don't get out much!).

Mr Ayak is also excited about it and phoned his father to tell him..and he is very excited too!  We are indeed a sad family.

FIL planted three small apple trees at the bottom of the garden last year, so we were not expecting fruit this year, but this one solitary apple appeared weeks ago.  I have watered the tree along with all the others, and I have watched this little treasure's a  bit like being pregnant (well just a little bit).   I've grown very fond of this little apple.

Father-in-law wanted a photo of it, so yesterday I took the camera outside and was trying to get as close to it as possible, but it was quite loose and fell off the tree.  So I'm afraid FIL will be disappointed as he now has a photo of it on the kitchen table instead.

I retrieved these almonds from the tree yesterday.  I know there were lots more a few weeks ago, but the tree is at the back of the house at the bottom of the hill where children play, so I think they may have been picking them.

Our figs are very slow to ripen this year, I managed these yesterday, but they need a few more weeks I think.

The grapes are now finished.  They were absolutely delicious.  I ate an awful lot, gave a lot away, and Mr Ayak collected kilos of them in a large box to take to the hotel for the none have been wasted.

Oh...and I had to interrupt the writing of this post to rush outside because ...dada...WE HAVE RAİN...YİPPEE!   Not just a shower but a huge downpour.  It's been coming down for 15 minutes now and the smell is delicious.  I stood out in it for 5 minutes and got drenched..oh what a blessed relief from this hot, sticky, humid weather!


  1. Fabulous! I would be proud of the apple too!

  2. Ronny, our Canadian Rennet apple tree is also bearing one apple. Can't wait!

  3. 'Cross the Pond: I just can't bear to eat it now :-(

    Heiko: I can sense your excitement's not just me is it?

  4. Know what you mean about the apple...the first year our cherry tree produced all of two cherries I was really chuffed!

  5. Fly: Yes I makes you feel like a proud parent doesn't it? :-))

  6. What a fine looking apple, how neat that the tree produced so early for you...that is a good sign of things to come. Congratulations on the rain, I know you were hoping for some cooler weather.

  7. Mr H: Unfortunately the rain only lasted for half an hour and it's back to being hot, sticky and humid again. Still it was nice while it lasted.

  8. I would be proud of the apple too, look how happy I was at my olives. Today I am about to post a pic of my hazelnuts hahahaha so if you are sad posting about it then what am I hehehehehehehehe xx

  9. Wow awesome! I am sure to start a garden some day! I would be proud of it :)

  10. will you be able to eat the apple or will you try to preserve it like a trophy!

  11. Bomb:Do you think we should get out more? :-)

    CJ: I've never had any interest in gardening before, but seeing things grow makes it quite exciting.

    Kelloggsville: You've been reading my mind...I keep gazing at it and thinking it would be such a shame to just eat it!

  12. Next year you'll get loads! xxx


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