Friday, 27 August 2010

It's not what you know but who you know!

I' ve mentioned many times on my blog about the problems I experience with the internet.  I am not the least bit technically minded.  Most of the time I have to rely on the help of others...mostly my brother-in-law, but he is often very busy and I hate to keep asking him to help.

Otherwise if I can't wade through all this techy stuff and sort out the problem myself by trial and error (mostly error) I have to resort to phoning TTNet customer services.  This is almost always a last resort because I make so many calls, and each time I get a different operator..who tells me what the problem is but somehow doesn't seem able to resolve it.  So every call means I have to repeat the details of the problem again...and each time I'm given a different solution...and guess what?  It doesn't solve the problem.

A few months ago I changed my telephone tariff in the Turk Telekom offices in Milas.  I had problems with it on my return home, and when I phoned TTelekom I was able to locate a lovely man called Mr Keleş.  He speaks English...the only person in the building who does.  I know it's my own fault that my Turkish just isn't good enough to be able to deal effectively with problems that arise but I do my best...technical Turkish however just eludes me.

Mr Keleş is charming.  He has such patience, and he sorted out the telephone problem for me. When I have an internet problem now I do ring TTNet customer service, because I know this is the correct procedure.  However, Mr Keleş has told me that if I get no satisfaction from them, then I am to call him and he will try to help.  He has even given me his mobile number in case the problem is urgent.  He says that even if he is off duty it's OK for me to ring, because if for example I lose my internet connecion, he will most likely be able to offer advice...and I did do this on one occasion and as usual he was very helpful.. telling me that there was a general cable problem and how long it would be out of action.

For a couple of weeks now I have had problems with running my UK TV website.  It just keeps freezing every few seconds, then I lose the picture altogether.  I have followed the website procedures for this problem...speedtests, pingtests, temporarily disabling my antivirus protection.   And finally it was suggested that I didn't have sufficient bandwidth and should contact my internet provider.  (Please bear in mind I don't really understand any of this...I just follow instructions).

So for the past week I have made numerous calls to TTNet to establish if I am in fact on the correct tariff...the one I was assured I was on when I first downloaded the UK website. I was given so many contradictory answers that I ended up utterly confused.  The final conversation ended with the operator telling me that I had to contact TTelekom/TTNet in Milas because I was obviously on the wrong tariff.  I don't want to say anything bad about the TTNet call centre operators, because they are always so nice and they do try to help...they just don't seem to be trained terribly well.

 Early in the week I spoke to Mr Keleş and he checked my tariff.  He says I am on the correct one, and before attempting to do anything further I should contact the TV website to establish whether they have any general problems which would affect my reception.  Then to ring him again if this was not the case. 

I took my laptop with me to Mr A's hotel on Tuesday, logged on to my website, and it ran perfectly. On my return home I had the freezing problem again so clearly the website is OK.  

This morning I phoned Mr Keleş and explained all this, and he has just spent the past hour going from one department to another to get more advice, phoning me back, getting me to switch my modem off...then on again.  He then increased my speed...told me to check the website...and it was running much better.  "Is it perfect though?" he asked.  "Well not quite" I answered.  So we did more switching off and on of the modem, logging in, him dashing back and forth and calling me back...and finally the speed has been increased a bit more and my website is running perfectly.

Now I don't get how this was done but I am delighted of course....and have told Mr Keleş how extremely grateful I am for all the help he gives me.  He says it's no problem.  I can ring whenever I need to.

I have never even met Mr Keleş but I think I may pop into his offices next week with some baklava as a thankyou.   You may think Mr Keleş is unique when it comes to service way above the call of duty...but you would be wrong.  He is a typical example of the way these lovely people are always so willing to go the extra mile to be of service.

An Update:  After all this...there I am happily watching my TV website with perfect reception...and suddenly...nothing!  Can't log in...can't get channels.   So I phoned the TV website in the UK who at first said it was a problem  my end...but after several emails to and fro...they have now admitted it's a fault at their end.  This is quite unconnected to the problems above of course, but it's bloody irritating that after weeks of trying to get it sorted...I finally do...then lose it again.   Oh well that's life I guess!


  1. WOW!! If only other customer service people were like him! I think it would be a lovely gesture to pop in with some baklava for him and I bet he would really appreciate it!

    C x

  2. Carol: Yes I'm sure he will. I think it's so important to show appreciation for good service rather than always complaining about bad.

  3. He sounds great and very helpful and he goes above and beyond the call of duty. I have been having internet issues to and mine I think has finally resolved itself due to me googling and doing it myself. BT werent interested at all and so unhelpful although their website was so it shows the difference between bt and your mr Keles ... all bt wanted to do was to get rid of me. Co incidentally it was my wireless channel that was causing the problem and all I did was changed the channel and its been working fine now for about 2 days. speed went from 1 to 54 .... stupid bt. xx

  4. What a lovely guy!
    Yes, you certainly should take him a little thank you present...he will be pleased! And surprised!

  5. Bomb: It's so frustrating isn't it? And when people are so unhelpful it makes you want to throw the pc out of the window! Glad you managed to sort it out eventually. Oh if only BT had a Mr Keleş!

    Fly: Most certainly he will be surprised of course, as you know as well as I do that Turks don't expect anything for their acts of kindness.

  6. That would be so lovely if you took in something for him. It's probably never happened before and you will become famous in his circle.

    One of the French vets did me a few favours with Poppy and her allergies and I took him in a prize bottle of aged Scotch one Christmas. It was the first such pressie he had ever had - I think the English do this sort of thing more than a lot of other nationalities (that could be a sweeping generalisation for all I know :)

  7. What a very helpful man, definitely above and beyond the call of duty!

  8. How frustrating! I hope they get it fixed.

  9. FF: I'd like to think it isn't a sweeping generalisation. I'd like to think that we do show our appreciation for acts of kindness!

    Jan: Absolutely!

    likeschocolate: The TV website is now fixed and is running better than ever. I'm very happy!

  10. When I was in the USA, all customer service was replaced with..

    If you'd like your reader to leave a comment to your post, press 1.

    If you'd like your reader to read the blog post again, press 2.

    If you'd like your reader not to read this post but comment anyway, press 3.

    If you'd like your reader not to read your post and not to comment, press 4

    If you'd like to speak to a comment representative, please hold.

    Twenty-four minutes of The Carpenter's song "Close to you"


  11. Oh yes's the same in the UK. And of course the worst thing is the know? After you've waited for god knows how long for a representative..they just cut you off...aaargh!


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