Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Keeping busy

I set off for Milas yesterday morning.  I thought a change of scenery would help me to shed some of the anger I was talking about.   First stop was my post office box.   I wasn't expecting anything but I always check.  And there was a parcel!

It was from Amazon. I had a gift voucher so I ordered two DVDs ...... LESS THAN A WEEK AGO!  I am really impressed by this rapid delivery. I occasionally order DVDs from them but have them sent to my brother's home in England, to collect when I visit.  I hadn't considered having them sent here because I thought the postage would be too wasn't...and I was also concerned that they might not arrive.  So well done Amazon and the Turkish postal system!

This lifted my spirits...and the good mood would have continued had I not had to wait over an hour for a bus home.  It would seem that a bus I intended to catch had been cancelled so I spent an hour waiting in the blazing heat.  By this time I was almost in tears.

I was determined to keep myself occupied, so when I arrived home I spent several hours sorting out my wardrobe.  Long overdue, and I now have two large sacks of clothes and shoes that will never be worn again. I just have to find a suitable home for them.

When it had cooled down a bit, I went outside and started pulling up weeds.   I have put this off because the arthritis in my hands makes it difficult.  However I was determined to carry on doing something physical, because it was really helping my mood.

I hadn't spoken to Mr Ayak so this morning I decided to bus over to the hotel to see him.  I wish I hadn't bothered.   I had been sitting there for about half an hour having a coffee, whilst he, Mehmet and Erhan were deep in conversation.   It started to get quite heated.  I hadn't really followed the plot so I had no idea what it was about, other than the lack of customers and money was mentioned.  So there was a lot of shouting and hand gestures...very common with Turkish men...and then the three of them fell silent.   And there we sat..for another half an hour with such a dreadful atmosphere that you would have thought someone had died.

I came to the conclusion that this wasn't a good time to be having a cosy chat with Mr A, so I said my goodbyes and set off home again....where I tackled some more weeds and watered the garden.

The physical activity over the past two days has made the anger subside so I'm thankful for that.  Now I'm just waiting for a suitable opportunity to talk to Mr A...goodness knows when that's likely to happen!


  1. Aww Ayak, but glad at least your anger has subsided a bit xx

  2. Bomb: Yes thank goodness

    auntiegwen...thankyou xx

  3. Glad the physical activity is helping the rage.
    I feel so helpless for you and a little angry too.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  4. I think we may have blogger gremlins again. Maggie May just posted a comment which hasn't appeared. I know because I received the email notification..strange. Anyway I'll copy it here:

    "Glad the physical activity is helping the rage.
    I feel so helpless for you and a little angry too.
    Maggie X"

    ...and my reply: Maggie: Helpless is what I feel right now instead of anger. It's a bit more difficult to channel this feeling than it is with anger I think.

  5. I agree...feeling helpless is worse than anger...
    There are times when one just doesn't know which way to turn and seeing someone you love in distress is dreadful.
    I do wish we could magic up a plane load of tourists.
    And put senna pods in the tea of the General Manager.

  6. Fly: Ooh senna there's an idea (no I mustn't!!).
    We will survive this though...we've had 12 years of ups and downs (well mostly downs) and we're still here!!

  7. And now that I've discovered my Spam box (see my latest post)...and clicked the button to say that Maggie is not spam...her comments have now appeared!

  8. Oh, I know that feeling. Living as we do in a combined family it can be days before I get to have a chat with Yash, especially as we now have quite a large family - four kids. It can be terribly frustrating.

  9. gaelikaa. It is indeed frustrating. Then I find I have a whole list of things to discuss resulting in my overwhelming Mr A with it all!


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