Thursday, 19 August 2010

Mr Grumpy and Mr Cheerful

It's been a strange time recently.  Every time I go to the hotel to see Mr Ayak, I never know what mood I'll find him in.  It's like treading on eggshells sometimes.

He's mostly a very cheerful kind of guy...everyone who knows him will tell you the same.  He makes friends easily and he's generous...even when he can't afford to be.  He would give you the shirt off his back if you wanted it.   In fact he did just that once...a few years ago, when some young man who was working with him at the time was getting married.  This man was very hard up and really hadn't anything decent to wear to his wedding, so Mr A gave him the lovely linen shirt that I had bought him as a birthday present.   Of course I didn't mind (well I was actually a bit peeved when he first told me...but when I knew the full story I was quite happy for him to give it away).

He's also very trusting... which often backfires on him.  I think these characteristics have worked against him since he started this business.  I sometimes feel he's perhaps not quite ruthless enough.  The whole thing is causing him so much stress and he can see that he needs to toughen up a bit.   But instead of becoming tougher and ruthless...he's becoming grumpy instead.

OK...of course he has had occasional bouts of grumpiness over the years, but they are usually shortlived.  I only have to say something funny or try to tickle him...and grumpiness disappears.  But the grumpiness he is exhibiting at the moment isn't so easy to shake off.

I went to the hotel on Tuesday and we had a heated disagreement over something very trivial.  He needed someone to blame for everything and on that day it just happened to be me.   I spoke to him on the phone later in the evening, when he had calmed down and he did apologise.

Today, however, I was greeted by Mr Cheerful....Mr A was quite his normal self...I'm relieved to say.  He was very attentive...getting me cups of coffee, and lunch, and asking me how I am and how I'm coping at home.   It was such a pleasure to spend time with him today.  This is the Mr A that I know and love, but who has made very rare appearances just lately.

I'm hoping today is a sign that Mr Grumpy is on his way out and that Mr Cheerful is back to stay!


  1. Well, he's had a fair bit of stress...thanks to people taking advantage of his honesty and good nature...not that that makes it any easier for you!

    Lovely to see a smile, though, isn't it?

    And with any luck, the reality check you gave him might help him to get the results that will keep the smile in place.

    Fingers crossed.

  2. Let's hope so Fly. And yes a smile was very welcome.

    Yep fingers are very firmly crossed!

  3. Hello Ayak
    I have a lot of catching up to do but I jyst wanted to say that I hope Mr Cheerful is here to stay. Mr Ayak sounds like a wonderful man.
    take care

  4. Thankyou Piglet...he has his moments!

  5. Lets hope so, Ayak.
    I think you are an extraordinary, selfless and accepting person. Mr Ayak is so lucky to have you.
    maggie X

    Nuts in May

  6. Thankyou Maggie that's a really nice thing to say xxx

  7. If I may just make a completely unrelated comment: I like the way your blog is in large print for the increasingly short-sighted amongst us. :)

  8. That includes me too Heiko...glad to be of help!

  9. Hope its still Mr Cheerful with u Ayak xx


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