Thursday, 26 August 2010

A nasty shock and a nice surprise!

Yesterday afternoon while I was taking a shower I got an electric shock.  Scared me half to death.  I was holding the shower head which is metal, and we had a power cut.  There was a popping sound and a flash and I felt the shock and dropped the shower head immediately.   I had tingling in my hand for a few seconds, and apart from feeling anxious, I was fine. 

I don't know enough about electricity to understand why this happened.  Although the shower is electric, it is switched off until the winter as we have solar panels on the roof to heat the water, and the only other electrical item switched on at the time was the ceiling light.   Maybe someone can explain why this would have happened?

And the nice surprise?  Mr Ayak came home around 2 'o 'clock this morning and stayed all day today.  He just left at 5pm.  It's been absolutely ages since he's been home and after breakfast this morning we headed off into Milas to do a few things.   We looked at small shops to rent as he has an idea for another business when the season finishes at the Hamam at the end of October.  I won't go into detail yet, because it's still early stages.  However he has already paid a small "gesture deposit" on a Hamam at a hotel in Didim for next year.   The rental is far less than the one he has now, and having experienced and learned from all the problems this year, maybe next year will be better.   But I am as always philosophical when it comes to Mr Ayak and his adventures.  After 12 years, nothing surprises me, and in spite of the ups and downs, we always manage to survive...and at least we are still together....and that's a surprise in itself sometimes I can tell you!

We did some food shopping and returned home, and Mr A fixed some chicken wire to the balcony gate and railing to stop Poppy from squeezing through.   We've been meaning to do this for ages.  Now that we're heading out of summer and there will be a bit more shade on the balcony, she can spend time out there with Beki instead of in her doggy house, without my having to constantly watch to make sure she doesn't escape over the garden wall.

So now he's gone...the house looks like a bomb has hit it.  How is it that men can make such a mess in such a short time?


  1. Sheer unadulterated talent, that's what!
    I daren't look at the balcony....he's been 'potting up' would think a bomb had been dropped on Kew Gardens!

  2. Ah that's what it is Fly! Are they born with this talent do you think? Or do they pick it up as they go along? I shouldn't least he's not here most of the time!!

  3. It is possible that you have a bad or improper "ground" connection with your shower. It is also possible that another appliance like a water heater with a bad element is causing the water line to be energized thus causing the shock.

    This "should" be an easy and cheap fix if you know of anyone that is qualified to mess around with electricity.

    You haven't done anything to anger Mr. Ayak recently have you? Has he said anything about an insurance policy that he might have purchased recently?... Sorry, I couldn't help it.:)

  4. I'm curious, is this type of shower head you have?

  5. what a nasty surprise in the shower -- really scary, so glad you are ok!!

    i am visiting via prospero's cellphone and a nomadic view - love your blog!

  6. Mr H: Ah well...Mr A decided to completely disconnect the electric shower today, so that the water just runs straight through to the shower/ now it's far as I'm aware. Now I wonder if he did this because his cunning plan didn't work and maybe he's had another idea (you are wicked!)

    Anyway the unit was installed by my English friends who visit me from Antalya and I trust the guy because he is very knowledgable with electrics. He always checked my plugs and sockets every time we move house for example. Not that I'm saying Turkish electricians are no good of course...but the safety standards aren't so strict. Anyway we will get it checked out before it's reconnected in the winter. We don't have any other water heater...and no the shower isn't like the one in your link.

  7. Amanda...thankyou...and a warm welcome to my blog...thanks for reading xx

  8. I have no idea but somehow they always manage it!! My hubby is due home from Amsterdam any minute...I'm enjoying the mess free house cause I know it will look like a pit about two minutes after he comes in the door!!

    Blimey, that shock but have given you a hell of a fright! Glad you didn't suffer anything serious and that Mr A has now made sure that it's safe!

    C x

  9. Just asked my husband, and without knowing any more he suggests too that the earth connection is faulty. He says always use a qualified electrician, which I'm sure you will in future after that shock! Glad you're ok.

  10. Carol: Like Fly says it's a and their ability to make a mess. Yes I've had two showers today without being anxious!

    Jan: Yes I'm certain your husband is right. The problem is actually finding a "qualified" electrician. They, like plumbers, carpenters, mechanics etc...are mostly self-taught or it's a father to son business. It's quite worrying at times as the electrics in all the places we've lived in have left a lot to be desired. It's just the way it is here unfortunately.

  11. It's absolutely fascinating, the way that a man can turn your house upside down! For a bit more than a year, my husband had to spend the weeks in Lisbon, and came home to spend the weekends with us in the Algarve. The mess that he managed to make during said weekends! Not even the kids managed to turn the house upside down the way that he did... He's a bit better now, or maybe I have become more relaxed - just the other day, it was HIM complaining about the dusty living room floor, and as I looked at him in complete bewilderment, totally unable to react, he grabbed the mop and the bucket and cleaned the floor. I tell you, there is still hope ahead!


  12. astro: I love it! I'm sure it's because you have him well-trained!


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